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5 Special Event Facials To Get So You Can Glow Like A Pro

5 Special Event Facials To Get So You Can Glow Like A Pro

Top Special Event Facials that you need to try so you can glow like a professional facialist! That’s right, so many professional estheticians get these incredible skincare treatments to get a glow every day!  These pros also help Hollywood celebrities to prep their skin to glow on the red carpet with these same special event facials!

We’re here to share their secrets to an amazingly radiant complexion!  These professional skin care therapists all have certifications from accredited schools and hold a state license.  You can trust that they are on top of what’s going to keep them AND their clients looking spectacular!

5 Special Event Facials To Glow Like A Pro

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5 Special Event Facials To Glow Like A Pro

#1 BeeDazzle Revitalize

BeeDazzle Revitalize from Hale & Hush

The BeeDazzle Revitalize treatment is a professional only mask that is ideal for a special event facial!  This mask renews and refreshes the skin, restoring luminosity and vibrance!

BeeDazzle Revitalize delivers quality rejuvenation without fuss or downtime by uniting refinement and recovery in one unique formulation.  Sensitive-friendly AHAs (mandelic and lactic) recondition skin’s texture and complexion while bioactive Manuka Honey nurtures healing with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and conditioning effects.

# 2 Microcurrent by Jeunesse Petite

Microcurrent by Jeunesse Petite from MedSpa Distributors

The All-New Jeunesse Petite allows the professional esthetican to treat clients with microcurrent for an incredible special event facial!  Microcurrent offers an almost instant lift to skin.  The science allows the skin cells to get a jump start that incresases oxygen levels and blood flow to bring new vitalituy and luminosity to the skin. 

All The Pros know that microcurrent is brilliant for the skin!

Now The All-New Jeunesse Petitite is small, sleek and provides multiple functions including galvanic desincrustation, galvanic iontophoresis, and microcurrent!

Jeunesse Petite provides the following solutions which are ideal for skin care professionals:

  • Deep cleansing for oily or problem skin which is prone to breakouts or blackheads

  • Lifting and Toning for graceful aging

  • Calming effect on the skin, which helps to reduce redness and sensitivity, making this an ideal treatment for sensitive skin and rosacea clients

  • Stimulate ATP for healthy, glowing skin

And, it features the all new, industry first BURST MODE! It’s time to add this petite and powerful piece of equipment to your skin care practice!

#3 Illuminate by France Laure

Illuminate by France Laure from California Skincare Supply

If you know Kelli and Jullea Anderson – the 2nd and 3rd Generation Boss Ladies at California Skincare Supply  – then you know that they know how to glow!  Jullea told us that when she wants to do a special event facial – it always includes Illuminate by France Laure!

Offer a simplified beauty routine to your clientele thanks to our new illuminate Collection’s mask ! A multi-action product that innovates with:
An immediate oxygenating effect, Prevention and treatment of the signs of aging, Normalization of sebaceous secretions as well as a radiant complexion in 5 minutes at most. Its effervescent micro-bubbles enable a quick action, helping active ingredients to penetrate easily. Ideally used whenever you want in the day, it reveals a bright complexion, and prevents and treats skin aging signs.

#4 Oxygen Rx

Oxygen Rx by Circadia

“When I wanted to glow like a pro on my 50th Birthday – my special event facial choice was Oxygen Rx by Circadia!”  Barry

Bottom line – the Pro’s all know that the Oxygen Rx isn’t just a special event facial – it’s that go-to treatment for a random Tuesday that can brighten skin like a diamond in the sky!  Get into it!

This treatment is a controlled amount of oxygen generated at optional levels on the skin to provide maximum benefits and help to replace the ruddy-look associated with acne, rosacea and telangiectasia, with brighter skin. This treatment is extremely nourishing and beneficial for all skin types.

#5 Hydrodermabrasion + Radio Frequency

Hydrodermabrasion + Radio Frequency from DermaJem

“I’ve had these two treatments – but not at the same time and LOVED the separate results! Together this becomes the Holy Grail of special event facials!” Barry

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