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DermaJEM Takes “Miami Platinum Facial” To Dubai 

DermaJEM Founder and CEO Elizabeth Camacho spoke to us about her company’s expansion in the Middle East and shared the story of how she trained physicians on the Miami Platinum Facial. This continued growth for DermaJEM is on the heels of their international growth to Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean this past year.

We asked Elizabeth to tell us about the trade show that she attended in Dubai. 

“The Meidam Conference in Dubai is the premier event for Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology in the Middle East. It brings together Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Aesthetic professionals from around the world in one location to see, learn, and continue to grow in their knowledge and expertise in our incredible aesthetics industry. 

DermaJEM was there, we were exhibiting with our local partners Al Najah al Motealk General Trading. We were showing our incredible devices that are now available in the entire GCC region.”  Elizabeth Camacho


Perfect Advanced Treatment Room Companion

Using the DermaJEM Aria in your treatment room, you’ll be able to calm, cool, and soothe skin with the Cold Therapy. You’ll be able to remove masks and clean skin with the Skin Scrubber. You can easily improve product absorption with UltraSound.The LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent are modalities that really don’t need any explanation! Their benefits are universally understood throughout the skin care industry. Finally, the Radiofrequency will give you the ability to treat skin laxity for clients who are looking to firm and lift.
“I created the Aria so that estheticians could have a limitless variety of modalities that they could add to any treatment that included hydrodermabrasion using the Element. I wanted to make sure they could easily create an unforgettable experience for every client.” Elizabeth Camacho, Co-Founder of DermaJEM.

DermaJEM Devices Combined with M.A.D Skincare Received Rave Reviews in Dubai

We asked Elizabeth to tell us what the Middle East market has to say about the DermaJEM devices. 

“People were most excited to see our Anima Ares Hydro and Micro device and our Anima Envie RF Microneedling device as well. We performed demos on the conference floor and got a chance to showcase our incredible Platinum Miami Facial along with M.A.D. Skincare. 

The Miami Platinum Facial Features DermaJEM and All-New M.A.D Platinum 

We had to know more about the Platinum Miami Facial – OMG!  Elizabeth told us about this all-new treatment that she created just for the Middle East!

“The Miami Facial is a special protocol we created for this event that featured M.A.D. Skincare’s new Growth Factor Ampules with the innovative ingredient called SYMPLA. Partnered with our Ares for the most incredible rejuvenating and brightening treatment. We also paired the new ampules and Hyaluronic Acid sheet Masks with our Envie RF Microneedling Device which significantly reduced the downtime associated with the treatment along with supercharging the results. Don’t worry US partners, we will have these protocols available to you soon!

Middle East Skin Doctors Loved Learning From DermaJEM To Combine Therapies

We asked Elizabeth if the conference attendees offered her any feedback about the devices or the treatments. 

“Being at the Meidam Conference gave us an opportunity to meet and speak with doctors and aesthetic professionals in the region and learn more about the kind of treatments they offer, and show them how technology will enhance their current offerings. We found the focus of these conversations to be more on how to combine therapies for more positive outcomes in a reduced timeframe. Things like RF microneedling, injectables, mesotherapy, hydrodermabrasion, growth factors, and more in the right combination and in the right cadence to get dramatic results.

Pigmentation and brightening treatments were also in high demand due to the increased sun exposure and high heat experienced in the region. We loved the global approach that the doctors had when thinking about treatment plans for their patients. It was not a one-size-fits-all approach, it was truly about customizing and tailoring plans based on each client’s needs, which we feel is the future of aesthetics ” Elizabeth Camacho.

SilcSkin Silicone Pads

Treat Wrinkles Like Doctors Treat Scars

SilcSkin Eye pads use the same philosophy to treat wrinkles that doctors use to treat scars after surgery. SilcSkin Pads are specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, bags and crepiness under the eyes and the crow’s feet area. Made of 100% medical grade silicone, they contain no allergy causing latex, urethanes, or adhesives. 

DermaJEM Loved Dubai, Looks Forward to Future 

We asked Elizabeth how she liked Dubai and if she thinks she’ll return for future conferences. 

“For us, being in Dubai was nothing short of inspiring. It is a beautiful modern city that has not forgotten its roots. From its magnificent downtown area with the tallest building in the world, old Dubai with its Souks, the man-made island of the palm with its luxury, to the expansive desert that surrounds the city reminding you how just 60 years ago none of that existed in its current state. But what really makes Dubai special is the people, warm and welcoming and so happy to have you visit their desert oasis. We simply cannot wait to come back!

We will see you next year in Dubai, looking forward to the Meidam Conference in 2024. To see our friends in the beautiful GCC region.” Elizabeth Camacho 

It certainly seems that the future is very bright for DermaJEM and for their Founder and CEO Elizabeth Camacho. 

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