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Why These Estys Say Devices Upgraded Their MediSpa Skin Care Businesses

Treatment menu versatility is one of the key pillars of success for any medical or spa skin care business. The ability to provide a wide range of treatments is crucial when treating a variety of skin concerns. While the selection of professional-use products allows the skin pro to create effective treatments, nothing can compare to the versatility offered by a multi-modality device. 

L+A spoke with two estheticians, Lexie Choate-Bewley and Robin Almond. We asked about their selection of devices for their business, how they use the devices, and how the devices impacted their businesses. Both estheticians told us that the devices allowed for improved versatility when providing treatments. These estheticians also love how devices allow them to customize treatments in order to reach their clients’ skin care goals. These estheticians are part of the DermaJEM Ambassador Program. 

Thanks to DermaJEM for sponsoring this article so that we can bring you the story of Lexie and Robin, who have found success by adding devices to their businesses. 

Meet Lexie Choate-Bewley, DermaJEM Ambassador

Lexie Choate-Bewley has owned Skin by Lexie for over three years and has been a DermaJEM Ambassador for two years.  Skin by Lexie is a solo practice offering full body waxing, facials, peels, dermaplaning, and HydroJEM™ Treatments.  Lexie combines HydroJEM™ with dermaplaning and chemical peels in her business. 

Lexie’s most popular treatment is the “Best of Both Worlds Mini” which combines HydroJEM™ with Dermaplaning. Lexie carries iS Clinical, Epicutis, Sorella, Face Reality, Lilac + Flint.

L+A asked Lexie why she chose a DermaJEM HydroJEM™ device over other brands. Lexie told us, “The soft silicone tips – forever and always.” 

L+A asked how owning the HydroJEM™ device changed her business and how it has helped her business. 

“Before I had the DermaJEM Anima Element device I had a different Hydrodermabrasion machine that only had one type of hard acrylic tip, it worked for a lot of people but I didn’t love using it on people when combining modalities such as dermaplaning and peels, and was also hesitant when using it on sensitive skin. 

I wanted a machine with more options when it came to the tips. When I found the DermaJEM HydroJEM™ device at a trade show and saw that it had not only diamond tips for added exfoliation but soft silicone tips I was all in! I use the soft silicone tips 99% of the time because I layer treatments.

Most of my clients get dermaplaning with a HydroJEM™ treatment, and a peel to top it off! Everyone walks out glowing with no sensitivity because of how gentle the machine and tips are. An absolute game changer in my treatment room.” Lexie 

L+A asked Lexie to share her experience of working with DermaJEM.

Here’s what she told us, “Working with the DermaJEM team has been a great experience for me. Anytime I have questions or need assistance with something I know I can reach out and get my questions answered. Great customer service every time. The education they offer with training videos, Instagram reels, and in-person classes are all great options for us estheticians who want to continue education.

L+A asked Lexie what she would say to an esthetician who is thinking about buying a DermaJEM HydroJEM™ device.

Lexie said, “Invest in yourself, these machines will upgrade your business offerings so quickly.”

Meet Robin Almond, DermaJEM Ambassador

Robin Almond has been an esthetician for 18 years and has owned The Facialist Dallas, a solo practice with one treatment room for the past four years. She became a DermaJEM Ambassador in 2024.

Robin does a combination of therapies: DMK, Microcurrent, Buccal Massage, HydroJEM™ Treatments, radiofrequency, skinpen microneedling with PDRN, liquid microneedling, and custom peels.

Robin’s most popular service is the Sculpting Buccal Massage, which is the treatment that helped her establish her business. She also offers liquid microneedling and she told L+A that treatment has been all the rage with her clients. Robin’s backbar is extensive, she carries a variety of medical grade lines as well as four Korean lines, an Italian line, and German line which allows her to create a myriad of services. She offers ZO, SkinBetter Science, Babor, Biopelle, IS clinical, ComfortZone to her clients for home care. 

L+A asked Robin why she chose a DermaJEM HydroJEM™ device over other brands. She told us, “I love the versatility of the device. I can incorporate it into any service I do. Every treatment I do is a curated bespoke experience.”

L+A asked how owning the HydroJEM™ device changed her business and how it has helped her business. Robin said, “I look at my work, and services as an art form. Having a wide variety of tools gives me access to create a different piece of art for every client. It allows for creativity in the treatment room, which I love. Listen, I can give an incredible facial with just my hands, and I do, but I love the freedom of expression with modalities of a HydroJEM™ or microcurrent.” 

L+A asked what Robin would say to an esthetician who is thinking about buying a DermaJEM HydroJEM™ device. She told us, “It’s a wonderful addition to your “tool” box. I love having access to ultrasound, hydroderm, and cold therapy on one device. 

L+A asked Robin to share her experience of working with DermaJEM.

“The training and onboarding with DermaJEM was very educational, easy, and they have fantastic customer service. Their webinars are very informative and easy to access. Love having the opportunity to jump back in and go at my own pace.” Robin

The DermaJEM Ambassador Program

The DermaJEM Program is designed to help estheticians earn additional income by earning a 5% commission on devices that they sell using a proprietary code. 

DermaJEM offers a free HydroJEM™ device, and investment .requirements vary.  

Medical or spa skin pros can create an additional revenue stream by selling DermaJEM devices and will be able to provide an endless list of treatments, allowing them to treat more skin concerns and improve overall results. These additional treatment options also result in additional income for the business. 

If you’re interested in becoming a DermaJEM Ambassador, you can email info@dermajem.com or call (888) 510-0272!

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