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4 Modality Body Device + Sophisticated Facial Device In 1

DermaJEM Curva

The DermaJem Curva features 4 powerful modalities to achieve incredible facial rejuvenation and body contouring. If you love being able to lift, tone, and sculpt your clients’ faces during treatments, then you’ll love the DermaJEM Curva!

Not only will this device give you phenomenal facial lifting results using Radiofrequency, LED Light Therapy, Vacuum Massage, and is designed with a unique level of cavitation to give you powerful fat reduction and cellulite reduction treatments.

DermaJEM Curva Webinar

You can learn all about it by watching the Webisode of L+A Now with DermaJEM at the bottom of this page!

These 4 modalities have so many wonderful benefits and having the ability to use them on the face and body provides the esthetician with an incredible tool provided they fully understand the features, benefits, and limitations of each.

The DermJEM Curva is able to deliver 4 modalities through 4 handpieces. There is 1 dedicated Cavitation handpiece that the esthetician uses for body treatments. The DermJEM Curva also includes 3 additional handpieces that range in varying sizes that deliver Radiofrequency, LED Light Therapy, and Vacuum massage. The smallest of these handpieces is ideal for facial treatments. 

The 4 Modalities That Power The DermaJEM Curva

DermaJEM Curva


Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive, painless modality for fat loss. It’s an inexpensive alternative to liposuction. It is not a weight loss modality, it’s designed for people who are close to their goal weight who have stubborn fat deposits. It works by emitting sound waves into the body that liquefies fat, of which the lymphatic system disposes. 

Many machines use 40 kHz of Cavitation, but the DermJEM Curva uses 38 kHz cavitation, which is even more powerful than traditional 40 kHz cavitation. The 38 kHz waves are wider than the 40 kHz waves allowing them to penetrate deeper into the fat layers. This makes it more effective and FASTER when you’re treating your clients. 


This is a hugely popular non-invasive skin tightening modality. It works by sending radio waves into the skin. These waves produce heat that causes damage and triggers neocollagenesis.  

The DermaJEM Curva uses 1.2 MHz Radiofrequency that can be combined with vacuum and super pulse vacuum for body slimming. Radiofrequency provides skin tightening and also actively promotes lipid metabolism and degradation of the fat cells.

This is a low-frequency multipolar radio frequency. This means that it is very safe because the energy exposed to the tissue is coming back to another of the electrodes in the handpiece. The risk for severe deep burns is reduced and because it is a low frequency it is still able to stimulate collagen and elastin, and at higher intensities (ideally only used on the body) It will also burn Fat.

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a universally accepted and loved modality for improving the overall health of the skin. It’s proven to improve the levels of ATP in the skin, allowing the skin to function at more optimal levels.  

The DermaJEM Curva’s medium and Large handpieces have Red LED light at 630 NM. Red LED stimulates the production of collagen, and helps the body repair and replace damaged tissues.

The DermaJEM Curva’s small handpiece offers RED and  Blue LED at 430 NM and is used to kill the bacteria that causes acne, providing an effective treatment for acne-prone skin. 

Lymphatic Drainage

Another universally accepted and celebrated modality in the wellness industry is lymphatic drainage. This helps to stimulate the flow of lymph that is the body’s superhighway for trash removal.

The DermaJEM Curva offers a very unique, SuperPulse vacuum therapy that gives the same results as endermologie without the need for painful rollers, and uncomfortable bodysuits. Trust IYKYK – endermologie can be very uncomfortable, but the DermaJEM Curva is painless! With up to 15 pulse outputs per second, it gives the client a comfortable sensation while keeping the treatment easy to provide and effective!

The DermaJEM Curva Facials


A Rejuvenating Facial

Incorporating the DermaJEM Curva into a facial treatment that is rich in peptides, stem cells, and growth factors is an ideal pairing of product and treatment technology.

The fact that you can use the DermaJEM Curva radiofrequency alone for skin tightening, or just the vacuum for lymphatic drainage setting – or combine them both in the same treatment for immediate and long-term results.

Vacuum alone will make the face look more contoured and overall “snatched”, but the addition of the radiofrequency will help build collagen and elastin which will help clients achieve that look long term as well.

You can also add the LED light and you have a really powerful combined treatment. If you were to do it alone it could take you about an hour. But the ability to combine them in one handpiece makes it much more efficient and less time-consuming.


An Acne Treatment 

In this treatment, you can combine the vacuum massage and BLUE LED Light Therapy to help reduce inflammation, remove toxins from the skin and kill bacteria. This is extremely beneficial for acne-prone skin but not for pustular acne, as we can spread bacteria.

The DermaJEM Curva Body Treatment

The beauty of using the DermaJEM Curva for a fat loss and skin tightening treatment is you can use both Cavitation and RadioFrequency to eliminate fat cells and then switch the settings of the RadioFrequency to combine with LED Light Therapy and super pulse vacuum massage to enhance the skin tightening and help to flush out the liquified fat.

The DermaJEM Curva Did Wonders For My Butt

“I’ve had 5 of the DermaJEM Curva Body Treatments and they are incredibly relaxing. The treatment at times got warm, but not where it was uncomfortable at all. Paola, my DeramJEM Therapist said, “We’re only going to use the Radiofrequency for skin tightening on you, not for fat loss.  Because of that, we want to use a slightly lower setting.” I had the treatment on my butt and lower back and saw an improvement in the texture of my skin. It now has a smoother appearance and has firmer skin. This was in addition to my ongoing strong leg workouts, 10,000 steps a day and maintaining a nutrition intake of 200g of protein per day, 150g of carbohydrates per day.and 55g of fat per day.  These numbers are obviously unique to me and are in no way at all a suggestion for anyone to use as a guide. 

I didn’t have a lot of fat to lose, I had more loose skin after having lost weight after years of being a little heavier. However, at 52, the results I achieved were great, given my age and physical history.

The facial treatment that I received was incredibly relaxing and very comfortable! I only did one simply to due to time constraints, but if the improvement in my butt is any indication – it will do wonders for your clients sagging facial skin”

Barry Eichner

Lipgloss + Aftershave

This is an incredible device to have in your facility. It can offer you body treatments that are a great adjunct to any skin care business. The best part is that it can add to your existing skincare business with the DermaJEM Curva Facial

Learn About DermaJem Curva – Watch Webisode

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