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The Perfect Advanced Skincare Treatment Room Companion

The DermaJEM Aria could quite possibly be the most perfect advanced skincare treatment room companion! We got legit hyped when we saw this device hit the market. The results that you’ll be able to deliver to clients, LORD!  Yes!!!

Finding THAT ONE Device

Ok, we’re going to try and contain our excitement, but it’s going to be hard. 

It’s just –  finding a device that can do so many things for so many clients. 

Finding a device that can be used in LITERALLY every treatment on your treatment menu! Finding a device that won’t break the bank! 

Then finding THAT one device that can be ALL of these things AT the same time is kind of incredible! 

DermaJEM Aria Your Treatment Room’s Perfect Companion

DermaJEM Aria was designed to work in conjunction with the DermaJEM Element! The Element has hydrodermabrasion and oxygen therapy! 

“I created the Aria so that estheticians could have a limitless variety of modalities that they could add to any treatment that included hydrodermabrasion using the Element. I wanted to make sure they could easily create an unforgettable experience for every client.” Elizabeth Camacho, Co-Founder of DermaJEM.

DermaJEM Aria

6 Modalities In 1 Device

Using the DermaJEM Aria in your treatment room, you’ll be able to calm cool, and soothe skin with the Cold Therapy. 

You’ll be able to remove masks and clean skin with the Skin Scrubber. 

You can easily improve product absorption with UltraSound.

The LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent are modalities that really don’t need any explanation! Their benefits are universally understood throughout the skin care industry. 

Finally, the Radiofrequency will give you the ability to treat skin laxity for clients who are looking to firm and lift. 

DermaJEM Aria

Barry’s Experience With DermaJEM Aria

“If you’re a skincare junkie like I am, this device will really get your juices flowing!

I had the opportunity to go to the DermaJEM offices for a treatment with the DermaJEM Aria to test out every single modality and it was amazing! 

We started with Hale & Hush Incredible Enzymes and removed it with the Skin Scrubber and that was a delicious feeling! 

Next, we did LED Light Therapy on the clean skin. Followed by Microcurrent with a conductive gel. The gloves she used were soft to the touch and the machine has some power! 

Then we used the Hale & Hush Hush Hydrate Gel with the Cold Therapy and that was so relaxing! We infused Sorella Apothecary products with the UltraSound! I love knowing that the Ultrasound is pushing those potent ingredients into the skin!  

The last modality was Radiofrequency on my neck to start the process of tightening up my turkey waddle.” Barry

DermaJEM Aria

30 Month Warranty – Exceptional Service – Exceptional Training

The best part about shopping with DermaJEM is their unparalleled commitment to your satisfaction. All devices come with a 30 Month Warranty, so you can rest assured that your device is well covered. You’ll be able to enjoy the virtually endless hours of education available to you at DermaJEM University, so you’ll be able to have the skills you need to provide exceptional treatments! Finally, you’ll enjoy the highest levels of customer service that have allowed DermaJEM to grow to a global brand in just 4 short years! 

Enjoy Protocols With Top Skincare Brands

DermaJEM has created protocols using the DermaJEM Element and DermaJEM Aria with some of the hottest and most popular skincare brands on the market. You will be able to use your devices with any brand you’re already using. You can enjoy the protocols that DermaJEM has in place with:

M.A.D Skincare 
Hale & Hush
Sorella Apothecary
Germaine De Cappucini 
Prana SpaCeuticals

And the list continues to grow, if you use a brand that’s not listed, ask them how to use DermaJEM’s Element and Aria with their product line – DermaJEM will be happy to create a protocol with them! 

We’d like to thank DermaJEM for sponsoring this content so that we can bring the power of the Aria to our community. 

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