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Dear Acne, See You Later, BYE!

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It’s the one skin condition that can cause emotional pain.  Anyone who has dealt with any type of acne will tell you. It straight up sucks! Over the years of working in the skincare industry, I’ve heard horror stories. Like – Regina George – Next Level –  Mean Girls kind of shit! It can destroy self confidence and self esteem. It’s hard enough being a teenager, but acne can take it to a whole new level.

Last year during The Skin Games I was told about a teenage boy who would wear a hoodie and walked with his heads down, afraid to show their face to the world. After a few acne treatments and some good home care – his acne was banished and he’s a happy confident, proud kid!  That’s what’s up!

Plain truth #ACNESUCKS!

Common Acne Myths

Forgive the #EyeRoll but dumb asses make me crazy!  These myths kill me because they’ve been perpetuated by people who have no understanding of skin or how it works.  

  1. You’re Eating Too Much Grease.
  2. You’re Drinking Too Much Milk.
  3. You Need To Dry Out Your Skin.
  4. You’re Dirty and Don’t Wash Your Face.
  5. You Need To Get More Sun

It’s like watching the characters from Dumb and Dumber try to treat acne!  Then there’s the mass market “acne treatments”. The drying lotions, the peroxide, the “oil free” everything.  

I get infuriated when I see what some people go through when the try to treat acne.  Many of over-the-counter products just rip into the skin and only work to make the acne more inflamed, an even brighter shade of red and painful, leaving those suffering with little to no hope.

Well we’re here with some real time advice!  

Barry + Jenni’s Acne Facts!  

  1. You Need To Love Your Skin
    First things first!  It’s like you’re fighting for your life – but don’t fight with your skin.  Attacking your skin will only make it worse. A sane, strategic approach will solve the issue.  
  2. Your Skin Needs Some Gentle Exfoliation
    Avoid the desire sandpaper scrub the shit out of your face.  It will not help! A gentle scrub (manual exfoliation) to remove surface debris along with a  Salicylic Acid (chemical exfoliation) to help unclog pores!
  3. You Need To Regulate Oil Production Your skin is producing too much oil, so using products that will help to regulate oil production is key.  
  4. You Need To Draw “the crap” Out Of Your Skin
    There’s a whole lot of “crap” in your skin.  Using a mask that will help to draw that “crap” out will work to purify your skin.
  5. You Need To Moisturize Your Skin The most common thought is to remove all oil!  #WRONG. If you strip oil away from your skin, it will only produce more.  Using a high quality moisturizer will help you balance oil production.


5 Ass Kicking Acne Heavy Weights

Neroli Repair Oil Herbal Skin Solutions Lipgloss Aftershave

Neroli Repair Oil – Herbal Skincare Solutions

A unique blend that delivers high-potency hydration alongside powerful inflammation fighting and antimicrobial properties, Herbal Skin Solutions’ Neroli Repair Oil is the number one natural aid you’ll want in your acne-fighting arsenal. In addition to its richness in omegas and antioxidant activity, the unique blend of Neroli Repair Oil delivers a luxurious scent and healthy glow.  Click Here to Learn More.


Daytime Control – CircadiaCircadia Daytime Control Lipgloss Aftershave Review

A light moisturizing lotion containing a complex of a patented antimicrobial peptide with a tripeptide that reinforces skin’s natural defense mechanism. Lignans and phytosterols help to control and reduce sebum production, especially in the T-zone, while botanical extracts soothe and smooth the skin. Learn More.

LIRA ICE Balancing Lotion Lipgloss Aftershave

ICE Balancing Lotion – Lira Clinical

Regain skin harmony with this daily oil controlling lotion, awarded 2018 winner for best acne moisturizer by Dermascope Magazine. ICE Balancing Lotion calms and clarifies skin with a combination of salicylic acid, soothing botanicals, topical probiotics and plant stem cells. Advanced anti-aging peptides and natural brightening agents like MASQ-TechTM, leave skin clearly beautiful and balanced. Learn More.

Bright Facial Serum – Esther & MilaEsther Mila Bright Facial Serum Lipgloss Aftershave

This potent serum contains thirteen plant oils that work synergistically to banish acne, brighten complexion, lighten the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.   Beta-carotene naturally present in the rosehip and citrus oils contained in this serum provide skin with nutrients necessary to promote the appearance of healthier skin that glows. Learn More.



dmskincare purifying mineral mask lipgloss aftershavePurifying Mineral Mask – dmSkincare

Packed with two forms of clay, the purifying mineral mask extracts impurities and excess oils without over-drying the skin. Minerals are delivered deeply via breakthrough technology that utilizes encapsulation. At the same time chondrus crispus extract and sodium hyaluronate ensure that skin well-hydrated.  This blend of nourishing mineral and botanical ingredients manages oil production and keeps skin hydrated and clean. Learn More.



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