Deadlift Disaster


I limped home and then immediately took a hot epsom salts bath and waited to see what would happen.  There wasn’t much pain that evening.  However the following morning – OMG! It was blinding pain! I couldn’t get out of bed.  I had to roll onto my side and kick my legs off the end of the bed and then use the side table as a crutch to get up.

What I soon discovered was that I had strained my psoas and part of my hamstrings.  What the hell is a psoas you ask?  It’s one of the most important muscles in your pelvis – it’s what helps you stay upright.


I put my 2 yoga teacher training certifications to work and started doing yoga that would help correct the strain! That’s right – I’m a yoga teacher, so Namaste!  However, what’s totally messed up is I only do yoga when I’m injured. Please don’t judge me.

It took 6 weeks of intense yoga, foam rolling on a daily basis, lots of hot epsom salt baths, acupuncture and several messages to get me back to normal.

In order to manage the pain of the rehab, I would take hot epsom salt baths and use a CBD cream to help me manage the pain.  Believe me when I tell you that CBD is the only thing that helped manage the pain.  I tried other topicals without CBD and they didn’t provide the relief that I felt from the CBD infused cream.



I only wish I had known about CBD Essentials when this injury happened!  I only had one product with CBD infused into it, and it helped alleviate pain better than any other body rub. Believe me, I had tried so many others.  I was confident that CBD helped! What is so amazing about CBD Essentials By Cannaisseur Brands is they have a complete body line that is ideal for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or who is dealing with any type of chronic ailment that causes pain.

Cannaisseur Brands was founded by 9/11 first responder and stage IV cancer survivor, Aryn Sieber. As Aryn endured rigorous chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he turned to medicinal cannabis for relief. He began mixing crude third party CBD extract with honey to soothe and coat his throat.

Realizing how well it worked, Aryn tried several other cannabis oil brands and then taught himself how to make premium extract oil using his own award winning cannabis flower. Through his extensive network of organic (CBD) cannabis growers he forged relations that led to the creation of CBD Nectar.

The result is a line of body care products infused with CBD that can enhance muscle recovery and relieve joint pain.  It can also help reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia and Tendonitis.



One of my favorite ways to help manage my recovery from the heavy weight lifting that I do on a regular basis is to take hot baths.  The CBD Salt Soak is delicious!  It’s infused with CBD, Lavender, sea salts, and baking soda to help reduce inflammation.  I just find it incredibly relaxing and soothing to soak in salts after a hard workout.



After a hot bath, I use body creams and body oils or massage oils to help recovery from working out!  The Body Cream from CBD Essentials that I tried was unscented in a coconut oil and shea butter base and infused with CBD.  I can’t say enough about this cream!  LOVE! The CBD Essential Body & Massage Oil has the most gorgeous lavender fragrance and has a wonderful glide.  I only used a small amount on my lower back and hamstrings!  These products both were superstars in muscle recovery!

The same CBD products that help yogi’s and athletes find relief from everyday muscle fatigue can help manage the pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Tendonitis. Many men and women have ongoing pain from these and many other ailments.  Now there is a solution that can help.


If you’d like to offer CBD Essentials in your spa, you can open a wholesale account and start incorporating CBD into your treatments and offer it to your clients for their home care.  CBD infused body products are ideal to have in your spa, they can help men and women of all ages and levels of activity.  It’s a great addition to treatment menus and retail shelves.

 My amazing friend, Nikki Well, it was Romanian Deadlifts to be precise.  It was a particularly energetic day and I was feelin’ good and kind of aggressive! It was squat day and I love to squat!  Mostly because I’m trying to get a JLO butt!

I did my squats and the next lift I had to do was Romanian Deadlifts – which are also an amazing lift to help give your booty some bounce!  I was doing my warm up sets and it was feelin’ good…so I pondered how far to take it.  I looked at my notes from the previous week and saw that I hit 265 on the lift the week before.

So I pondered…..

Do I add 10 and go for a new PR (personal record)?


I decided to go for it – 275 here we come!

First set was good.  Second set was tough.  Then it happened.

During the 3rd set, I felt it.  I didn’t know what it was, but it wasn’t good.

 Thank you to Cannaisseur Brands for sponsoring this article.

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