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Clinical Ingredients In Customized Foundation After Clinical Facial

Think custom foundation is just about getting the right color? Careful, it’s a trick question!  It IS about the perfect color match – but estheticians can add clinical skincare ingredients into their clients’ custom foundation. I was blown away when I saw that my custom foundation includes firming peptides, pore minimizer, and an SPF! 

Welcome To SkinPerfect Clinical Spa 

Skin Perfect Clinical Spa in Naples, Florida offers some of the most advanced clinical skin care treatments. I had a very advanced treatment with Ley, an esthetician that has been with SkinPerfect since 2020. The facial used the SkinPerfect Clinical Skincare brand of products.   

Custom Foundation

4 Step Clinical Facial

This was an amazing facial. 

  1. Dermaplaning
  2. Mandelic Acid Peel
  3. Oxygen Infusion
  4. Radio Frequency with EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) Microcurrent

After all of the science, one would assume that the esthetician would advise me to put on SPF, not touch my face for a few hours and let my skin breathe.  #WRONG! 

Firming + Pore Minimizing Custom Foundation

This customized foundation included a firming ingredient to help improve skin laxity, a pore minimizer and SPF.

Skin Is In A Prime + Healthy State

The first thing we need to clear up is – skin isn’t a respiratory organ – it doesn’t breathe. Skin is oxygenated through capillaries. The capillaries have very thin walls so nutrients and oxygen pass through them. 

After a clinical facial where:

1. Dead skin cells have been removed through manual and chemical exfoliation 

2. High quality products have been pushed into the skin using microcurrent transdermal delivery.

3. Blood flow and lymphatic flow has been stimulated with massage and microcurrent. 

The skin cells are now more oxygenated and nourished from the increased supply of blood to the skin from microcurrent and massage.  The skin is flush, so the skin usually has a little bit if a redness to it! The skin IS breathing! It can look a little raw and undone. 

Custom Foundation With Anti-Aging Skin Care Ingredients 

Guests never leave SkinPerfect Clinical Spa looking raw or undone! They are offered a Pressed Mineral Powder Dusting – they are also given the option of a Colore Me Perfect Color Match and Color Me Perfect Custom Foundation. 

Colore Me Perfect Custom Foundation 

Ley took me into the Colore Me Perfect Studio and color matched my skin and based on my skin care concerns that she discovered during the facial. Ley asked me many questions about my skin, my current home care routine, and any concerns that I may be having. I told her that I had a lot of skin laxity and large pores.  

Ley mixed a small sample of my Colore Me Perfect Custom Foundation that was a mixture of a few shades, firming peptides, pore minimizer, and an SPF. The foundation gave my skin an even tone and glow that looked perfectly natural. I didn’t want to look like I was wearing makeup and I was blown away.  

I took a photo right after the facial and then one after the Colore Me Perfect Custom Foundation was applied. Then I did a side-by-side photo and you can see how much better my skin looks with the custom foundation. 

I don’t ever want to leave a facial without a little foundation on ever again. It looks so much better, finished, and beautiful.  

Thanks to Colore Me Perfect For Sponsoring This Content.

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