Creating An Advanced Results Treatment Plan

Creating An Advanced Results Treatment Plan

Elizabeth Camacho, Co-Founder of DermaJEM, esthetician and former medical spa manager will join us for this business building webinar!  


We will discuss, Helping a client achieve exponential results by creating a multiple-treatment plan.  Results require more than just a single treatment or even a single modality. Truly successful skincare treatment plans involve multiple modalities that impact the skin in different ways. You also need to be sure to incorporate the right professional back bar products to insure the skin is nourished properly. 


It’s also vital to factor in some recovery treatments for the skin in the plan. 


In this webisode you will learn how to create a treatment plan that will  that incorporates:


Microneedling with Growth Factors 

Chemical Peels with Hydrodermabrasion 

Ultrasound Professional Product Penetration 

Cold Therapy Recovery

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