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Get Clinically Proven Results From Botanical Products

Get Clinically Proven Results From Botanical Products

 In this 90 minute special edition webisode of L+A Now, we will be joined by 5 panelists who are experts in working with botanicals. 

You will learn how the potent power of botanicals can provide brands with the ability to produce clinically proven results in improve skin tone, texture and firmness.

Not only will you see how wildcrafted oils impact the skin, you will see how botanically infused hyaluronic acid is hardened into pins and used for a channeling treatment that will hydrate and plump

Learn how organic AHAs, peptides and fatty acids work to give skin a power glow boost!

You will also learn how the brightening power of botanicals and minerals come together for a synergistic effect to combat hyperpigmentation. .

Join us for this special 90 minute webisode of L+A Now on Monday, June 13th, 2022 2 PM EST.

Panelists From:

Shira Organics
EpiFusion Facial
Christina Skincare
Ouli’s Ointment

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