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An SPF For EveryONE

Creating a thorough home care treatment plan is a licensed professional’s responsibility. Part of our job is setting expectations with clients on how to get and maintain the results they seek!

Clients are often working against their own interests in not wearing SPF regularly. Many clients hold untrue ideas of their needs for SPF, too. Clients with darker skin tones can feel as if an SPF is not really for them unless they’ll be out in the sun all day, and sometimes not even then.

Regardless of your client’s skin tone or their propensity to burn when exposed, we should all wear SPF, and this goes doubly for those that are looking to see changes in their skin. Whether the client wants a change in their acne, pigmentation, couperose skin, or if they just want their skin to look more youthful, sun exposure will work against them every single time. We cannot stop living our lives to see a change in our skin but can take common-sense measures to ward off those unwanted changes and stave off the risk of skin cancer, which can appear in all skin tones.

This is why, “The Mineral Way, Everyday!” is our motto! No real changes are likely to occur in your client’s skin without a proper, mineral-only SPF! So let’s get to the list of my favorites, shall we?

My Top Five Fav SPFs

clearchoice sportshield

ClearChoice SportShield Plus SPF 45

The ClearChoice SportShield Plus SPF 45 blends amazingly well into all skin types. It leaves no bluish tint, even on darker skin. As a bonus, it has high-quality moisturizers and is acne-safe for everyday use!

Nichelle Mosley Headshot

Contribution by Nichelle Mosley

Nichelle is an award winning North Carolina board certified aesthetician and certified laser technician. Nichelle was a finalist in the international skin competition -2018 Skin Games for Acne Management, and she won the 2019 Skin Games in the Age Management Category. She owns Queen City Beauty Group and Wellness in Charlotte, NC. She is the inventor of the Queens Cloth, a daily gentle, reusable exfoliating mitt. Nichelle is developer of her own private label, Lazy Queen Skin Care, and she has a new product line out in 2020, Queen City Beauty Co! 

Nichelle’s expertise in skin care products has also seen her consulted multiple times by O, Oprah Magazine!

Nichelle specializes in treating diverse skin tones with life changing results. Nichelle sees esthetics as a way to celebrate our differences, and empower her clients to be their most confident!  Nichelle’s clients seek her expertise with hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, acne, rosacea, anti-aging, or just some self care.

At Queen City Group, Nichelle’s focus is providing professional, results-oriented treatments. Nichelle enjoys educating her clients on how to maintain continued results and she takes pride in exceeding her clients’ expectations.

hale and hush spf

Hale & Hush BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30 Dual Shield & Hydrate

This Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is the perfect combination of sun, sensitivity, and age defense. Natural Zinc Oxide provides chemical-free broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection at the surface while a specialized amino acid and algae blend provides UV protection at the cellular level.

Skin Better Science Tone Smart Sunscreen Lotion

Oil-free, broad-spectrum sunscreen acts as a primer under makeup or in place of a light coverage foundation. This tone-adapting, creamy lotion provides a hint of color. Reach for Skin Better Science Tone Smart, when you’re serious about protecting and supporting your skin against premature aging!

Global Skin Solutions Sun Protector 29 Spray

This SPF spray is designed to spray on easily, making it great for on-the-go applications. This SPF is safe for all skin types, and the spray application makes it so easy to apply on the go.

Spa Goer’s Guide: 20 Reasons To Wear SPF Daily

Isdin Eryfotona Actinica

This SPF provides great sun protection and wears easily because it is so lightweight. In addition to the great sun protection, this SPF actually works to repair existing sun damage! I love this SPF for those with advanced photoaging.

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