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My Luxurious Home Care Routine From Skin Moderne

Science Has Never Been So Luxurious

The Cleansing Gel Smoothie will shock and delight you. This gel cleanser is an incredible surprise when you are considering a highly effective, professional skin care brand. The deep purple color and fresh, robust fragrance are the tangible attributes that you can’t help but notice.

The Cleansing Gel Smoothie was the first step in my Skin Moderne Home Care routine that was designed to help brighten my skin. It included an exfoliant, a Vitamin C and a skin brightener.  

Skin Moderne’s Product Philosophy

Skin Moderne’s product philosophy stems from a desire to achieve overall skin wellness.  It all starts by consciously sourcing their raw materials. Then, with deliberate diligence, Skin Moderne continually works to ensure they are using the best ingredients and using the latest technology to ensure a great experience for their clients. Read More…

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Get To Know Skin Moderne

We had the chance to talk to the Skin Moderne team and learn more about their commitment to quality ingredients. 

Barry and Jenni talk to Richard and Wendy about the brand and their Nano Fusion.

Cleansing Gel Smoothie Started My Home Care Routine

Cleansing Gel Smoothie
A sulfate-free cleanser, without harsh chemically derived detergents, only mild, natural plant based cleansers. It is gentle, yet purifying and leaves your skin feeling clean and nourished from a profusion of nutrient dense plant superfood extracts. It is suitable for all skin types.

This cleanser is a joy to use and left my skin feeling great! I highly recommend it! 

The AHA/BHA serum is a unique blend of alpha & beta hydroxy acids, niacinamide, red clover flower extract, and licorice root extract has excellent exfoliation, cell rejuvenation, skin brightening, pore refinement, and anti-microbial properties

This serum is clear and has a thick viscosity. I used it at night so it could work while I slept. It soaked in quickly so I used a few extra drops. 

Luminous Serum 
Luminous Serum contains seven synergistic active ingredients which are delivered to targeted skin areas with patented, double encapsulation technology, Luminous with intelligent skin exfoliation, brightens the skin like no other product.

Clear and fragrance free, I used this every morning. This is a delicious serum that had felt like velvet as I applied it to the skin. 

C Fusion
C Fusion serum contains a proprietary vitamin C blend to maximize potency as well as ensure the best performance, stability, and efficacy. Don’t be misled by the brands highlighting high percentages of vitamin C as most of it is not stable and degrades rapidly over time.

Another amazing serum with a slight orange color and no fragrance that glides on like velvet and sinks in beautifully.  

Moisture Infusion Night
Moisture Infusion Night has rich moisturizers like shea butter, grape seed, blackcurrant, and rosehip seed oils, as well as our unique blend of marine algae and ceramides, our Moisture Infusion Night gives your skin a rich moisture boost, improves skin barrier function and skin integrity, protects skin and DNA, balances skin microbiome, leaving your skin feeling deeply hydrated, nourished, and rejuvenated.

This is a fragrance free very rich moisturizer. A little goes a long way and it sinks in nicely.  


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