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Cirque Du Soleil Make Up Ideas For Halloween

Cirque Du Soleil Makeup Ideas You Can Easily Replicate

Want To Be A Moon Goddess For Halloween?

These Cirque Du Soleil makeup ideas can easily help you transform yourself into the Moon Godess from Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna, which is in Oaks, PA through August 26th!

Amaluna invites the audience to a mysterious island governed by Goddessses and guided by the cycles of the moon. Their queen, Prospera, directs her daughter’s coming-of-age ceremony in a rite that honours femininity, renewal, rebirth and balance which marks the passing of these insights and values from one generation to the next. 

In the wake of a storm caused by Prospera, a group of young men lands on the island, triggering an epic, emotional story of love between Prospera’s daughter and a brave young suitor. But theirs is a love that will be put to the test. The couple must face numerous demanding trials and overcome daunting setbacks before they can achieve mutual trust, faith and harmony.


Circuque Du Soleil Makeup Ideas:  Moon Goddess

Audiences in Oaks, PA are mezmorized as Sabrina, who portrays the Moon Goddess, performs hoop aerialist artistry.  Her performance is nothing short of magical.  She is truly amazing as she swings high above the stage in the hoop.  At some points holding on with only her toes.

In addition to the magnificent skill that is presented you are drawn in by her alluring sparkle.  Even from high above you can see her sparkle and shine as only the Moon Goddess can.

Photo: Cirque Du Soliel

Cirque Du Solelil Amaluna’s Moon Goddess

If you want to sparkle like the Moon Goddess for Halloween, you’re in luck.   We had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Cirque Du Soleil in Oaks, PA and meet Sabrina who portrays the Moon Goddess.  The young artist does her own theatrical makeup tells us that she loves this character and loves the makeup because it’s so eye catching!

Makeup Monday Specail Edition – Cirque Du Soleil Makeup Ideas

We were thrilled to be able to photograh her as she transfromed into the character.  We asked Sabrina to allow us to record as she applied the eye make up and gold leaf.  Sabrina will be a special guest on an up coming Makeup Monday where she offers her Cirque Du Soleil makeup ideas for makeup artists and even every day men and women for Halloween and other fun events.

Photo:  Joe Longo

Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna

Want to see Sabrina as the Moon Goddess in Cirque Du Soleil’s Amaluna in Oaks, PA?  You can get tickets HERE!

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Photos: Joe Longo

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