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Circadia Jumps Into CBD with WELL Partnership

When 2 thriving companies make the decision to collaborate, it’s a win-win!  That is definitely true. But when one of the hottest skincare brands on the market teams up with one of the fastest growing CBD brands; the results are truly noteworthy!  The impact of the partnership between Circadia and WELL Products is what we’re calling a WIN-WIN-WIN!

The companies win…

Estheticians win…

Retail customers win…

Circadia continues to live up to their commitment to estheticians to offer the latest technology in skin science through education and innovative product development.  They chose to rely on WELL Products to help them navigate the CBD manufacturing process and to ensure reliable sourcing, and the efficacy of the CBD being used.

WELL Products was founded by Hannah Duncan, a prominent figure in the Spa Industry for over 13 years.  Hannah specializes in working with simple products, with effective ingredients, that fit well within the Spa and Resort World.


In 2018, as CBD began to be a larger discussion in the Wellness Industry, Hannah began searching for a brand that could fulfill the needs of the over 1400 massage therapists, and over 800 Spas and Resorts that she works with.  

She couldn’t find one, so she created WELL.

Why Hannah Created WELL

“When I first began building my line I wanted to first create a product that any spa would be proud to offer.  That meant clean ingredients, sourced from organic farmers around the country, that was beautifully packaged. Only then would I add the CBD to make it not only a beautiful product, but a powerfully effective one.”

It’s Hannah’s commitment to excellence that promoted Michael Pugliese of Circadia to emphatically agree to Hannah’s proposal for their Partnership!  The two companies have agreed to a limited production of an Earth Day set of products “Calm Down From Head To Toe” featuring brand hero products.

Calm Down From Head To Toe Duo

Calm Soothing Facial Cream Infused with 50mg of CBD
A delicate face cream to calm and soothe sensitive skin.

WELL Products
Massage Cream with 300 mg of Quality CBD Oil
This luxurious body butter is full of skin moisturizing oils such as shea, avocado, and rice bran.

Calm Down From Head To Toe

Limited Edition Earth Day Gift Set

This duo will be packaged in a gorgeous gift set that will be perfect to gift for Mother’s Day.  

The set will wholesale for $49.50 with a suggested retail price of $99. This is a limited edition set, so WELL and Circadia will only be filling orders while supplies last.  

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