3 Step. 14 Day Chemical Peel For Hyperpigmentation

MedSpa Distributors Launches Peel For Hyperpigmentation

UV Remedy Peel For Hyperpigmentation Now Available To Day Spas

The UV Remedy Peel for hyperpigmentation was once only available to medical spas and physician’s offices, however, now it’s available to day spas!  Day spas now have access to this more effective, clinical strength peel.  A stronger peel for hyperpigmentation will give you the ability to achieve better results for your clients.  Be sure to verify your individual state’s regulations on acceptable pH levels for peels before you use the new UV Remedy Peel.

My 14 Day Diary:  I Got The UV Remedy Peel for Hyperpigmentation

Day 1

I got the UV Remedy Peel for hyperpigmentation!  MedSpa Distributors was at the San Jose Face & Body Spa Expo & Conference, so I took advantage of the situation and had Pam and Andrea give me the peel.  Andrea had received the peel and told me that it was pretty strong and that I would have some redness.  She asked if I was sure that I wanted the peel since I’d be traveling.

Um!  HELL YES!  There’s no peel that I can’t handle!

Layer 1 Of UV Remedy Peel For Hyperpigmentation

pH of 1.82.  Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic 

The first layer had some heat to it, but not anything too intense.  I can handle strong peels, so I’d rank the heat about a 5 out of 10.  Didn’t even need a fan.  It was left on for about 2-4 minutes.

Layer 2 of UV Remedy Peel For Hyperpigmentation

pH of 2.47 Mandelic, Salicylic, Retinol, Emblica

The 2nd layer was warm, not at all uncomfortable.  Pam massaged it into my skin for a few minutes. It left my skin with a bit of an orange cast to it.  It was warm for the rest of the day.  I washed it off at bedtime.

You will want to make sure your clients know that there’s a bit of discoloration.  I didn’t mind having this on my skin, but, I live for skin care treatments.  Make sure clients know, so they can plan ahead to just stay home, if that’s more their speed.


  6 Acids Of The UV Remedy Peel

1.  Glycolic
The OG of acids.  Made from sugar cane. This baby started it all back in the 90’s.  Its tiny molecular structure allows it to penetrate deeply into the skin, so you need to be very cautious when working with it.  It’s ideal for treating fine lines, deep wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmentation.

2.  Salicylic
Great for acne.  Found in Willow Tree bark.  Able to dive into pores to help decongest the skin.  Also, a great acid to encourage skin cell turnover.

3.  Mandelic
Super versatile.  Derived from almonds.  Large molecular structure makes this acid safe for all skin types, ideal for skin of color,  is great for treating hyperpigmentation and decongesting skin.

4.  Kojic
Great for brightening skin!  Primarily sourced from fungi, yet has been known to be sourced from soy sauce and rice wine.

5.  Retinol
Very popular for cellular renewal!  Helps to increase cellular turnover and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. 

6.  Emblica
Derived from the gooseberry.  Potent antioxidant. Reduces oxidative stress!

UV Remedy Peel

Day 2 + 3

The days right after the peel, my skin looked rough.  Prepare your clients for this!  Manage their expectations so you look like a genius, not an idiot. Andrea and Pam made sure I knew what to expect and when it happened, I was totally comfortable!  My skin was really tight!  It was dull and just crunchy looking.  Remind your clients to not freak out – hold tight!  The best is yet to come!

I only washed with a gentle cleanser and applied the NeoGenesis Skin Serum & Recovery that MedSpa Distributors gave to me.  Andrea advised to add the NeoGenesis Skin Serum liberally to ensure my skin felt better. I also added few moisturizers  on the crunchy areas and an SPF!

Boost Your Retail Sales

Since the UV Remedy Peel for Hyperpigmentation has a take home component to it, use that to your advantage and create a small home care kit to be sold with the peel.  This will help boost your retail sales and give your clients everything they need to care for their skin over the 14 days of the peel.  

Day 4 – 7

On day 4, I began to add Part 3 of the UV Remedy Peel for Hyperpigmentation into my daily routine.

Part  3 of UV Remedy Peel for hyperpigmentation.

pH 5.25 Kojic, Emblica, Retinoal, Salicylic 

I applied my NeoGenesis Skin Serum and Recovery and then Part 3.  The part 3 is a thick cream so Andrea suggested applying the serums first, so they could penetrate the skin.  I added a moisturizer and SPF.

Day 7 – 14

On Day 7, I added the Viktoria DeAnn product into the mix to help my skin rebuild!  By Day 7, my skin was looking really amazing.  The tone was so good! I even text messaged Andrea and told her how happy I was with the way my skin glowed!  I honestly was blown away at the result.  Just look at the glow in my final Day 14 Selfie!

#Selfie On Day 14.  Glowing!  

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