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This Fall’s Top 10 Devices 

The Celluma PRO, DermaJEM’s Universal Derma-Duo, Coopala’s Plasma Plora, and EpiStep’s EpiFusion Facial are leading this Fall’s skin care correction tools and devices! 

Treatment Room Must-Have Tools + Devices

After attending trade shows in Europe, The Caribbean, Canada, and all over the United States the one thing that we’re certain of is that tools and devices are vital in your treatment room. We’ve even been able to nail down those  Treatment Room Must-Have devices. We’re big fans of Celluma for professional-level LED light therapy. If you want unlimited modality options for your treatment room – you must have the Universal Derma-Duo from DermaJEM; it will provide hydrodermabrasion, oxygen infusion, cold therapy and so much more!  We also know that MedSpa Distributors offers a duo of microcurrent and microdermabrasion devices to use daily! 

Set Yourself Apart with These Tools + Devices 

A key to success is to set yourself apart from the competition. We’ve found a few devices that allow you to create a uniqueness to your treatment menu. If you offer the EpiFusion facial, you’ll be able to give clients a red carpet-ready glow that will keep them coming back to you! The professional skin care industry has fallen in love with Pro Plasma Esthetic’s Jet Plasma Pen, this can definitely set you apart! You can give your clients the BEST. FACIAL. EVER. with Rezenerate NanoFacial ‘WandPro’ System. Finally, if you want to treat deep wrinkles, you can use the Plasma Plora from Coopala to create a name for yourself with anti-aging clients. 

Post Care and Home Care Tools + Devices 

If you do chemical peels – you need to know the Hydrogel Infusion Mask from Maskād, this tool will jump-start your clients’ aftercare! If you have clients dealing with hair loss – get to know Revian. Finally, if you have clients who love LED and want to be able to scroll TikTok or watch TV or even work on their computer while getting a dose of LED check out the face mask from ZAQ.

This Fall’s Top 10 Devices in our 2023 Tech Tool Box

The Celluma PRO

“We consider the Celluma PRO a treatment room necessity! This device will help you boost every one of your treatments.  Adding LED light therapy into your treatments gives your clients’ skin a boost of ATP! This will certainly give the skin more energy to help it function at optimal levels!” Barry + Jenni

The Celluma PRO is Celluma’s flagship LED light therapy product for safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared treatment of ACNE, SKIN / WRINKLES, and PAIN. As a large panel, it is designed for over the face and can be easily contoured over or around any part of the body, including the spine, hips, shoulders, feet, knees, and more. The Celluma PRO is hands-free, stand-free, lightweight, and portable.

The Celluma PRO has 3 modes for Acne, Wrinkles, & Pain. FDA-cleared, Class II OTC medical device. Professional-grade, clinically proven. Globally patented shape-taking design. 

Celluma PRO

The Plasma PLORA from Coopala

Plasma PLORA is a Class 1 device that induces new collagen and elastin in the dermis by delivering heat and electronic energy directly into the skin. Plasma PLORA is effective in solving various skin problems: removing deep and shallow wrinkles, scar and post-acnes, and also warts and fibroma. It is also effective in improving elasticity and skin moisture.

Plasma PLORA’s plasma energy discharges from a DC (Direct Current) power source. Unlike AC, spark does not spread, and it is a sophisticated beam with 1 mm diameter. This thin beam allows more intense treatment with less damage to tissue around the target area.

Plasma is an ionized gas consisting of positive ions and free electrons typically produced by discharging electrical ions. Plasma phenomena that can be easily seen around are aurora and lightning. Plasma is commonly used in medical treatment, because it provides a sterilizing effect and promotes wound healing. It also makes the skin more hydrophilic, making drug penetration easier.

Celluma PRO

The Universal Derma-Duo from DermaJEM 

DermaJEM has two devices that they designed to sit side by side in your treatment room. The Anima Element and The Anima Aria. The Anima Element offers the esthetician the ability to perform hydrodermabrasion with oxygen infusion, while the Anima Aria allows the esthetician the ability to add microcurrent, cold therapy, ultra sound, radiofrequency, LED light therapy, and an ultrasonic skin scrubber. 

These two devices will give your treatment menu and client treatment plans unlimited options which offers your business unlimited sales potential. 

Celluma PRO

EpiFusion Facial Starter Kit from EpiStep

The EpiFusion Facial is one of our favorite treatments for a red carpet ready glow! This treatment is one of the most unique modalities because it uses 3D-lized Hyaluronic Micro Pins  and additional active ingredients at the same time!

The EpiFusion Facial Start Kit contains the EpiPin Pro device, ten EpiPin Tips (three Hydration, three Brightening, two Elasticity, two Performance), ten EpiMask, one EpiEssence and marketing materials, fifty flyers, and one table banner.

The device uses a hand piece with detachable and disposable treatment heads. There are 4 different treatment heads for Brightening, Elasticity, Hydration and Performance.The pins slowly dissolve as you perform the treatment, as Hyaluronic is hydrophilic (it’s attracted to water) so the pins give way to the water in the skin. Essentially the clients’ skin is absorbing the micro-pin. 

Celluma PRO

The Micro-Duo from MedSpa Distributors 

In the realm of skincare, where innovation and client satisfaction reign supreme, estheticians are constantly seeking effective techniques that deliver remarkable results. Two such procedures, microdermabrasion and microcurrent, have emerged as game-changers in the skincare industry. Microdermabrasion and microcurrent sessions pair well in most skin care sessions (with the exception of the named contraindications for each procedure).

MedSpa Distributors created the Micro-Duo so you get DiamondTome Systems New Apeel Petite which uses a unique exfoliating wand which is bonded with real diamonds. By gently removing the outer layer of skin cells, this treatment paves the way for a rejuvenated complexion. That is combined with Jeunesse Petite Microcurrent system, which offers multiple bursts per cycle to boost results. You can boost your clients ATP with this device.

Celluma PRO

The Jet Plasma Pen from Pro Plasma Esthetic 

The things we’ve seen this device do are incredible. If you’ve been following Pro Plasma Esthetic they’re fast becoming a staple in the professional skincare industry. We’re seeing estheticians using the #proplasmaesthetic hashtag on Instagram to showcase how they’re using this device. 

The Jet Plasma Pen is a handheld plasma device that uses a cooler atmospheric temperature, so it does not create surface trauma like traditional fibroblast plasma. This extremely powerful device penetrates 13,000 volts of plasma through the epidermis, into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin stimulating high levels of collagen and remodeling the cellular structure from the inside out.

When Jet plasma is mixed with oxide oxygen, ozone is created which kills surface bacteria and is anti-inflammatory to aid in calming keratosis, eczema, and rosacea. Jet Plasma is used to tighten the skin, diminish wrinkles, diminish hyperpigmentation, treat acne, scarring, stretch marks, and aids in product absorption that otherwise would not be possible without needle injection.

Celluma PRO

Hydrogel Infusion Mask from Maskād

Fall is the time of year when we do more invasive treatments. If you’re an esthetician who equates Fall with peels, needling and lasers – then you need to know Maskād!

If you’re looking for something to cool and calm skin after clinical or medical aesthetic treatments – this hydrogel infusion mask is the ticket! Directly after your microneedling, laser treatments, or chemical peels you can apply peptide-rich, exosomes or growth factor serums and then seal them in with this amazing post treatment tool!

Maskād® Hydrogel Infusion Face Mask infuses topical serums into your skin helping to achieve your skin care goals. Our sleek face mask is designed to be used at home to create your own spa experience. Pair it with Maskād® Hydrating Serum, Maskād® Anti-aging Serum AKA The Peptide Bomb, or your serum of choice for enhanced results. Use 1-2 times per week for optimal benefits!

Celluma PRO

The Right Light from REVIAN

REVIAN is an all-natural hair loss solution, clinically proven to stop hair loss, grow healthy new hair, and improve volume & appearance. Their patented hair rejuvenation therapy harnesses the power of light to address the three main factors of hair loss, unlocking the body’s natural ability to accelerate healing and renew the cells that grow hair. This is designed for use at home the system comes with a mobile app to help you stay compliant to their suggested 10 minutes of wear every day. 

“We did a webisode with REVIAN where they showed us how to use their system. It’s an LED cap and a mobile app. The app will send you alerts to remind you to use your cap and it will track your use. It’s recommended to wear the cap for 10 minutes daily to reap the benefits. You can get a REVIAN treatment while watching TV or scrolling on Instagram.” Barry + Jenni.

REVIAN offers professionals the option of a drop-ship affiliate program or you can become a REVIAN re-seller and sell your own inventory to clients. 

Celluma PRO

The Rezenerate NanoFacial ‘WandPro’ System

Want to give the BEST. FACIAL. EVER? Set yourself apart and increase the effectiveness of your treatments by increasing the absorption of your active serums? 

The Rezenerate NanoFacial is just the way to do that! 

The Rezenerate NanoFacial ‘WandPro’ System is Rezenerate’s newest and most popular system, the WandPro gives you the unique benefit of being able to use your Rezenerate WandPro cordless or corded! Get the great versatility of having a cordless unit to make your facials easier, but never worry about battery life as you can simply plug it in and keep going if needed. At a great price, it is the best system to learn quickly and easily and hit the ground running performing amazing Rezenerate NanoFacials. This is the signature Rezenerate product everyone is talking about! Now including Rezenerate NanoCleansers, and the Rezenerate NanoGlobes for an acupressure and cold therapy component to the NanoFacial which is taking ‘Rez’ults to the next level!

Celluma PRO

The Noor 2.0 Infrared LED Light Therapy Face Mask from ZAQ 

Get some LED love at home! You can wear – yes, wear this incredibly versatile mask!

The Noor 2.0 Infrared LED Light Therapy Face Mask – that comes complete with straps so your clients can wear it. Now your clients can multitask while you do something great for their skin at the same time! They can scroll TikTok, stream their favorite show, or just have their favorite show on in the background while scrolling TikTok LOL – AND – wear this super fun LED Facial Mask from ZAQ!

“We travel all over the country talking to skin care professionals and we ask them about products and devices they love. We’ve had several estheticians tell us how much they love the Noor 2.0 Face Mask from ZAQ. They love its versatility that allows clients to use it and multi-task.” Barry + Jenni

Celluma PRO

Thanks to all of the brands mentioned in this article for sponsoring the Tech Tool Box and helping us bring this valuable technology conversation to our community. 

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