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Why This Doctor Loves Celluma for Aging + Pain Management

Celluma pain-fighting LED light therapy was a focus of National Celluma Light Therapy Day education 

Celluma Shows Off New Home for National Celluma Light Therapy Day 

We were thrilled and honored to be invited to join Celluma LED Light Therapy at their V.I.P Launch Event in their all-new facility on June 19, 2023, and then help them celebrate National Celluma Light Therapy Day on June 20, 2023. Since these events took place in June, which is also National Acne Awareness month – Celluma shared the power of Blue LED Light Therapy for the treatment of acne, aging as well as pain management in their 2 days of education. 

It was an amazing event attended by Celluma’s international distributors from Canada and the United Kingdom. We were also able to meet some of Celluma’s incredible clinicians from the Los Angeles area! 

National Celluma Light Therapy Day Features Expert Education 

It was during National Celluma Light Therapy Day that Celluma conducted Instagram LIVE videos to use experts to educate on Celluma LED Light Therapy!

Education on Celluma For Pain Management + Aging with Dr. Croom

Celluma had all-day education happening to celebrate National Celluma Light Therapy Day using Instagram Live and Zoom. Celluma did a very interesting Instagram Live with Dr. Croom, an acupuncturist, who uses Celluma for pain management and aging in his facial and full-body acupuncture treatments. 

Dr. Croom raved about the results he is able to obtain with his clients. He indicated that he’s been using the devices since 2018 and wouldn’t run his practice in the Murray Hill section of New York City without Celluma LED Light Therapy. 

Dr. Croom discussed how he uses the different Celluma devices in conjunction with acupuncture in his practice on Victoria’s Secret models. He and Denise discussed how acupuncture is revered in Asia. They discussed that China hospitals all provide acupuncture and Western medical procedures side by side. 

“What many skin health professionals may not realize is just how effective red and near-infrared light therapy can be for the treatment of painful injuries and aching joints. Near-infrared wavelengths provide a plethora of benefits and are clinically proven to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface to target muscle and joint issues at the source, offering much-needed support for people who suffer from pain, inflammation, or arthritis. Whether you are looking for pain relief from a chronic condition or healing from a specific injury (i.e., ankle sprain, strained muscle, or tennis elbow), red and near-infrared light therapy can be an effective, non-toxic, and easy-to-use treatment option.”

Excerpt from LED Light Therapy + Holistic Recovery

Education On Celluma For Acne 

Celluma hosted an informational chat with Face Reality to discuss how they use Celluma acne-fighting Blue LED Light Therapy in their Danville, CA facility. Their national trainer, Alex, talked about how she loves using Celluma acne-fighting blue LED light therapy devices and how she recommends their use to all of their Certified Acne Experts.  

Celluma Mini Guide to Benefits of Blue LED Light Therapy 

Celluma shares scientific data that clearly shows the benefits and safety of using BLUE Led Light Therapy. Look for Before and After images of the wonderful effect that Blue LED Light Therapy has on acne-prone skin. 

This Mini Guide To The Benefits of Blue Light will also show you how you can use Blue LED Light Therapy in your skin care business in the treatment room.  Additionally learn how you can benefit from the Celluma Rental Program, which can help you rent Celluma LED Devices to your clients so they can use them at home!

Celluma Mini Guide to the Benefits of Blue Light

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Thanks to Celluma for sponsoring this content so that we can educate our community on Celluma LED Light Therapy for acne, aging and pain management.

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