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Understanding Cellulite and Body Sculpting

Everyone is born with a network of fat cells held by connective tissue, vital to storing energy and cushioning the body. Cellulite occurs from a dysfunction of oversized or hardened adipocytes (fat cells) and weakened connective tissue. When adipocytes swell up, they can impede proper blood and lymph flow, weakening surrounding tissue. Simultaneously, weakened connective tissue has difficulty completely enveloping fat cells, especially if they are hardened or oversized. When fat cells bulge up from weakened connective tissue it puts pressure on the skin’s surface, causes the lumpy, dimpled formations known as cellulite.

Several factors contribute to cellulite including weight gain or loss, water retention, diet, thyroid imbalances, lack of exercise, impaired blood and lymph circulation, and hormonal fluctuations. Cellulite tends to be more common in women due to the orientation of fat cells and the hormone estrogen, which is released to soften the cervical tissues just before childbirth. An excess of estrogen causes an increase in elastase and collagenase, two enzymes that facilitate connective tissue breakdown.

Cellulite can affect surrounding tissues and structures as well as the skin’s surface. Arterial blood vessels (arteries) carry blood containing oxygen, water, and nutrients to every cell in the body. The arteries connect into a vast network of extremely small, single-cell-walled blood vessels called capillaries. The capillaries are responsible for releasing the oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood into the cells. It is also in these capillaries that the blood absorbs metabolic waste products before returning to the heart through the body’s network of veins. When the capillaries are obstructed by swollen fat calls, the other living cells cannot function normally. This hinders lymphatic circulation pathways as well.

Possible Alterations to the Circulatory System Caused by Cellulite:

1. An increase in capillary permeability (i.e. hormonal changes)

2. An increase in blood pressure inside the capillaries

3. An obstruction to the lymph circulation

5 Popular Cellulite Treatments

Several different cellulite treatments exist, but not all of them make an impact on cellulite.

1 Hot Packs and Wraps
Most of these methods claim to “break up” or “burn” fat. These treatments move around a small amount of interstitial fluid without changing the cellulite.

2 Suction and Rolling Devices
These treatments can be too aggressive and may even worsen the appearance of cellulite by putting pressure over signs of weakened connective tissue. The weaker the connective tissue support, the more cellulite bulges against the skin.

3 Topical Herbal Treatments
Active ingredients must permeate the skin’s fatty or superficial layers to be effective. Natural botanicals such as caffeine, cassia, and other anti-edema ingredients can be effective against cellulite.

4 Circulation Enhancers and Lymphatic Drainage
These treatments do not directly treat cellulite but can treat its symptoms. Cellulite causes decreased capillary blood flow and reduced lymph flow, as the lymphatic vessels have no muscles and depend entirely on capillary movement. In addition, sluggish circulation slows the rate of lipid metabolism and tends to increase fluid retention, worsening the appearance of cellulite. Lymphatic drainage offers a solution for this interstitial congestion. Manually moving tissue and lymph treats slow circulation and increases capillary pressure. However, if MLD (manual lymph drainage) is performed incorrectly, it can aggravate the condition.

5 DMK Body Sculpting 
Help minimize the appearance of cellulite and discover a firmer body. The DMK Body Sculpting Wrap is a treatment designed to help re-shape and sculpt the body. It assists in revising the appearance of cellulite and unsightly puffy areas.

Why is DMK Body Sculpting Beneficial?

The active ingredient in DMK Body sculpting cream is cinnamon, which has antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties. It is a rubefacient botanical that increases vasodilation, opens circulatory pathways, and oxygenates the skin.

DMK Body Sculpting formula works by utilizing thermogenesis, a phenomenon in which the body is stimulated to produce heat. Cinnamon triggers thermogenesis through metabolic processes in the upper epidermis and lower subcutaneous tissue; during treatment, both heat & cold sensations bounce back and forth between the low porosity wrapping and the epidermis, striking, redistributing, and hydrolyzing fat cells. This action helps stimulate blood flow and lymphatic circulation, provides deep tissue oxygenation, and flushes out cellular waste so that epidermal cells can fire at full capacity. As a result, connective tissue is strengthened, blood and lymph pathways are restored, and adipocyte swelling subsides to facilitate normal function.


Body Sculpting is often used on specific areas of the body when diet and exercise aren’t making a difference. Body Sculpting cream combined with lymphatic drainage or low porosity wrapping can target most areas of the body. Common treatment sites include the arms, back, belly, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Body Sculpting is also beneficial for:

  • Moisturizing: DMK Body Sculpting cream is an enhanced moisturizer. While undergoing Body Sculpting treatment to work towards smooth skin, the cream also provides long-lasting, deep moisturization. This ensures the skin’s surface is nourished and ready for repair.  
  • Plumping: When your complexion is well-moisturized with a robust acid mantle, it’s likely to appear more bouncy, plump, and youthful, like natural collagen.
  • Good for short-term improvement: While body firming creams need consistent use to enact long-term change, products like this can help you look good for a big event or a weekend at the beach.

DMK Body Sculpting cream offers science-backed solutions to fight cellulite. Ask about Body Sculpting cream at a certified DMK Skin Therapist near you.

A Body Contouring Cream that Redistributes Adipose Fat Cells and Refines the Appearance of Cellulite.

Body Sculpting cream is a DMK formula designed to smooth, tighten, and tone skin through thermogenic stimulation. It achieves this effect by redistributing areas of stubborn cellulite and healing weakened epidermal structures. Like all DMK formulas, Body Sculpting addresses the underlying dysfunction that causes cellulite to appear.

Thanks to DMK International for this contribution. 

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