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Meet The Doctor Who Raves About This Clinical Device

A cavitation machine with radiofrequency that is endorsed by a physician is one of the most sophisticated devices offered by this fast-growing device manufacturer! Read our interview with this physician and learn why he loves this device. 

Get To Know Dr Alberto Leguina 

Dr Leguia has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He holds a PhD in Medical Science also from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in experimental dermatology at Juntendo University of Japan. He received his Medical Doctor from Charles University Prague. He obtained a Masters in Aesthetic Medicine from Queens Mary  School of Medicine UK and his Dermatologist specialty from Bond University Australia.

Dr Leguina’s Experience In Esthetic Medicine

“I actively do research and study different aspects of the skin; new non-invasive approaches for anti-aging and innovative products to create long-lasting forgiving results. Currently clinical dermatologist in the Centro de Especialidades San Lazaro, Santiago Chile, and Aesthetic Dermatologist in ALR Aesthetics private practice.

I am a key opinion leader and trainer for multiple companies and am a brand ambassador to cosmeceutical companies and energy-based devices and injectables.

I am the author of multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals and faculty speaker of IMCAS, Meidan, Sochimce, Dubai Derma, and Congreso Panamericano de Medicina Estética, among others.

As a trainer, I have had the chance to teach and share my experience with doctors worldwide. It’s been amazing to understand different skin problems associated with ethnicity, weather, and lifestyle.” Dr Alberto Leguina

cavitation machine

The Anima Curva – Radiofrequency and Cavitation Machine

The Anima Curva features 4 powerful modalities to achieve incredible facial rejuvenation and body contouring. If you love being able to lift, tone, and sculpt your clients’ faces during treatments, then you’ll love the Anima Curva!

Not only will this device give you phenomenal facial lifting results using Radiofrequency, LED Light Therapy, Vacuum Massage, and is designed with a unique level of cavitation to give you powerful fat reduction and cellulite reduction treatments. This is a highly respected cavitation machine and is endorsed by the world-renowned physician, Dr Alberto Leguina, an expert in esthetic medicine. 

Dr Alberto Leguina Recommends Anima Curva

“I recommend the Anima Curva because it is not only effective but safe. Decades of studies and medical experience have shown that radiofrequency and cavitation are nonsurgical alternatives for fat reduction and body contouring.” Dr Alberto Leguina

Interview with Dr Leguina on The Anima Curva – Radiofrequency and Cavitation Machine.

“Dr Alberto, we’re here to discuss the Anima Curva by DermaJEM which is a radiofrequency and cavitation machine. Can you tell us how the Anima Curva by DermaJEM works?”  Barry Eichner

“Yes, the Anima Curva is a multifunctional device that combines cavitation, radiofrequency with LED Light Therapy, and vacuum therapy. I’ll explain these modalities and why they’re beneficial when combined. 

The cavitation promotes fat reduction using adipose cell destruction through mechanical stimulus. The mechanism of fat reduction from radiofrequency occurs via the thermal stimulation of adipocyte metabolism, causing a lipase-mediated triglyceride enzyme degradation, apoptosis, and adipocyte rupture. Recent research shows that the simultaneous application of ultra cavitation and radiofrequency generated a reduction in localized adiposity superior to the isolated use of ultracavitation.” Dr Alberto Leguina

“Dr Leguina, can you tell us if cavitation is effective and can you explain why you think the Anima Curva is effective in helping patients?” Barry Eichner

“Yes, cavitation has shown its effectiveness in decades of research and also medical practice. The Anima Curva is a state-of-the-art device that applies both technologies [radiofrequency and cavitation] associated with vacuum and LED therapy for a sophisticated treatment of nonsurgical body contouring.” Dr Alberto Leguina

“So you’re saying that it is beneficial to have cavitation and radiofrequency in the same device?” Barry Eichner 

“Yes, It has a synergic effect that stimulates the fat dissolving through a mechanical and energetic process and at the same time neocollagenesis.” Dr Alberto Leguina

“How many treatments does a patient need to see optimal results?” Barry Eichner 

“Usually we recommend 6 to 10 sessions to have results.” Dr Alberto Leguina 

“Are there any negative side effects from cavitation and radio frequency?” Barry Eichner 

“Although it is a low-risk procedure, you may experience some mild side effects that are temporary. Bruising or redness, thirst, skin sensitivity, skin irregularities, and headaches.” Dr Alberto Leguina

“Why do you recommend the Anima Curva by DermaJEM to your patients?” Barry Eichner

“I recommend it because it is not only effective but safe. Decades of studies and medical experience have shown that RF Cavitation is a nonsurgical alternative for fat reduction and body contouring.” Dr Alberto Leguina

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