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CA$H In With Cosmo’s “Game Of Thrones Enzyme Facial”

Want to make the smartest business decision ever?  Stop trying to sell a regular-degular facial and start selling something spectacular! Set yourself apart by offering what Cosmopolitan Magazine calls, “the mother of all skin treatments”.  

Wait, It Gets Better

2 months after Cosmo wrote about how much they loved this amazing treatment, Refinery 29, one of the hottest blogs ever, also featured it!  They loved it so much, that they did a video on it. The video outlines the treatment and how much they loved their skin after!  

What is this super charged skincare treatment?

It’s Not A Facial!

It’s not a “facial”! It’s a paramedical skin revision treatment from DMK International.  These treatments feature DMK’s totally unique Enzyme Masque. There is no other masque like it, it hardens into a crust on the skin and oxygenates the skin with their proprietary plasmatic effect!  

Not Everyone Can Do ItDMK Fundamentals Kit Close up Lipgloss Aftershave

Not every esthetician can offer this skin revision treatment. It takes work to be able to provide this, now famous treatment.  You must become a DMK Certified Paramedical Skin Therapist and all DMK Certified Paramedical Clinics must be licensed, have a physical location other than primary residence and are not a mobile physician, nurse, or esthetician.

Want To Become A Skin Revisionist?

If you want to take your skincare game to a whole new level…. Like a, Game, Of Thrones level…. It’s totally possible!  

Your first step in becoming a DMK Certified Paramedical Skin Therapist is the 2.5 Hour DMK Skin Revision Training- Intro to DMK Fundamentals (Webinar), after which you may open an account with DMK and have access to order their world renowned Enzyme Masque #1.

It Makes Good Cent$

Think about it for like 5 minutes.  If you can show your clients links to a Cosmo or Refinery29 article, where editors are raving about this amazing treatment.  You don’t have to work hard to sell/book the treatment.

Add to that, the average price point of the treatment that can range from $150-$300.

Add to that, the fact that the results from the treatment are so profound – clients clamour to rebook!

Side Note:  I am obsessed with this treatment.  I had it at the DMK headquarters in L.A last year and my skin looked truly remarkable after the treatment – see here.

Ok after all that adding…. did your total equal – “Oh Hell yes, I want to offer this service!”  

Um, yeah, I thought so!

5 Steps To CA$Hing In

  1. Register for one of the DMK monthly webinars:

Monday, September 30th

  1.  Pay The $149
  2.  Receive a DMK Fundamentals Kit with 30 days of prescriptives (YUM!)
  3.  Pass The Quiz
  4.  Get The Certificate

After you become a DMK Certified Paramedical Skin Therapist,  you can add the skin revision treatment to your menu and start to DMK Product Shot Handsincrease your treatment sales on a daily basis.

If you add just two $150 DMK Skin Revision Enzyme Masque treatments per week to your sales, you’ll increase your annual treatment sales by $15,600!  You can also amplify that increase by offering the DMK home prescriptives kits to your clients!

Join the DMK family, improve your sales, and change the lives of your clients by offering the proven results of the DMK Skin Revision Treatments!


Thank you to DMK International for sponsoring this article.

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