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Caitlin Durning

Caitlin Durning

Meraki Media Management

I am Caitlin Durning, owner of Meraki Media Management, a company I founded after running an Instagram campaign that grew from 18k to 500k followers in under a month. This viral campaign stirred me to realize the help I could provide small businesses in developing their online presence through social media. My experience spans managing viral social media campaigns to everyday social media management. I work with clients in the aesthetics industry every day, and DermaMed Solutions was one of my very first clients. 

Meraki Media Management’s 8-Week Group Instagram Training Program is now open for enrollment! 

In this program, participants learn key factors in what grew that Instagram following from 18k to 500k in under a month. My secrets to success include invaluable tools, tricks, and advice —the nitty-gritty—on how to expediently create your own success through Instagram in a time-saving, stress-minimizing, user-friendly way.

After my training you’ll know how to grow a loyal and engaged following, how to launch a successful Instagram giveaway, and how to use hashtags in a correct manner and so much more. I will show you how your mindset around Instagram can influence how you use your account,  which in return will help you sell your services through Instagram.  

This 8-week program will have a new video training added to a closed Facebook Group each week. You will have access to re-watch the videos as many times as you like, and you will be able to watch the trainings whenever your schedule allows time to do so. Halfway through and at the end of the program, I will also develop videos to answer all questions in a more personalized manner.

Meraki will be launching a new Training each month check out their website for more information regarding this program. 


Here’s a sneak peek of the tips and insight you can expect to receive when working with Meraki Media Management

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