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Antioxidant Rich Makeup Fights Aging Aggressors

Botanical makeup is something new to the professional skincare scene!

For decades, cosmetics were drowning in chemical additives, synthetic oils, drying alcohols, and heavy silicones which helped the end consumer cover up their skin flaws; however, they felt worse about their skin. Over the last five years, there has been a gradual transition to products that have true nature in them and can move our skin towards being a healthy, happy organ. Makeup that contains some of nature’s superpowers has been starting to take the main stage in the market.

Increase In Consumer Demand For Botanical Antioxidant Products 

There has been a huge increase in consumer demand for products that contain nature’s special medicinal properties of botanical extracts. What are the sources of these ingredients? They are made from a plant’s roots, flowers, bark, or leaves. Teas, medicines, capsules, foods, creams, and the like are created with herbs, flowers, roots, spices, and plants.  Chemists use special solvents to free up the natural extracts from the plant’s parts and then utilize them in a skincare or cosmetic product. This process takes a very knowledgeable formulator who understands how to preserve the raw ingredients, transfer them into the correct concentration, and add to the right base for an accurate delivery into the skin. There are thousands of products out in the market claiming to have botanical extracts that have not been carefully sourced and processed to have very little to no skin benefits. So, choose your products wisely as in the beauty industry, we only strive to give our clients real skin benefits.

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When sourced, extracted, and combined correctly, the power of botanicals can be superheroes for our skin. Most botanicals have endless antioxidant benefits which are gained through the plant’s sunlight exposure. This gives the plant strong protective abilities in fighting off free radicals. A small amount of an extract is all that is needed to see huge benefits and this works to our skin’s advantage as it can only absorb so much at a time. 

Botanical Makeup Emerging In Professional Skincare Market 

Botanical extracts allow for the skin to replenish through the day as they contain healing properties as well as their known antioxidant abilities. They have been added to skincare products for hundreds of years and now they have been added to our favorite makeup formulas. Colore Me Perfect customized foundation has taken advantage of nature’s botanicals to help us bio-regulate and assist the skin to protect itself against environmental stressors, chemical stressors, and our own internal stressors.  

When choosing the best foundation formula, we need to take into account what your skin needs to look and function at its best. Does it need help minimizing redness, lightening dark spots, reducing inflammation, and restoring a healthy barrier function? Our foundation bases come ready to go with its super botanical extracts loaded and ready for skin support. We also have created Skin Nourishers that can be added to any foundation formula to give your skin some additional support with specific skin needs.

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Contribution by Jacyln Peresetsky

Jaclyn Peresetsky began her career as an esthetician in 2003 and created Colore Me Perfect in 2010. During her day to day interaction with clients, she learned that her clients desperately desired to know their perfect colors and were tired of wasting money on the wrong colors. Her expertise in color from the Columbus College of Art and Design along with her knowledge of skin science from Ohio State Plastic Surgery gave her the know how to begin the journey of creating a color analysis system to define one’s perfect makeup colors, hair color, nail color, and clothing color for all complexions. Being a born entrepreneur, she opened a small color studio followed by opening Skin Perfect Spas and Identity Retail Store.

The additional experience made her realize she needed to define the color analysis system and color palettes even more so she created the patent pending 16 global city palette that encompasses all color characteristics and intricacies of all global complexions. Colore Me Perfect is now sold in spas and salons across the country so more people can discover the power of their colors. Skin Perfect spas continue to thrive and be the research and development headquarters for Colore Me Perfect. Jaclyn’s book, “Discover the Power of Your Colors” is sold on Amazon to color seekers across the world. She is a noted speaker and travels all over the country teaching advanced makeup and skincare techniques. She is opening an advanced esthetic and color school, Skin Perfect University to continue elevating the expertise of the skincare industry.

9 Ingredients In Colore Me Perfect Botanical Makeup

1. Aloe Vera 
A great natural moisturizer that can help soothe dry skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles.

2. St John’s Wort
A potent herb that has antibacterial properties and helps fight inflammation. It can help treat burns or skin irritations by boosting blood flow and helping your skin look smoother and healthier by plumping and hydrating the skin.

3. Vitamin E
Is found in nuts, seeds, and some veggies have potent antioxidant abilities that fight off free radicals and prevent UV damage. 

4. Calendula Officinalis
A member of the daisy family is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps the skin rebuild with essential fatty acids. This helps your skin increases its ability to hold water longer and absorb more nutrients.

5. Honeysuckle Flower Extract 
A potent antioxidant that soothes irritated skin and nourishes the dry, oily, or mature complexion. It is ideal for those wanting to transform photoaged skin.  It has anti-inflammatory effects for skin that has been sensitized by skin conditions like acne, eczema, or rosacea.

6. Chamomile 
Is from the Chamomile flower has vital essential oils that help reduce inflammation while increasing skin repair by purifying, refreshing, and neutralizing free radicals and other skin invaders. Ultimately, it soothes and conditions the skin and restores a healthy glow.

7. Lavender
An essential oil that has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. It helps treat acne scars and age spots by calming and soothing the skin, plus it promotes the lightening and brightening of skin.

8. Green Tea Extract
A natural extract containing the antioxidant catechin which exhibits antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea will help reduce inflammation in the skin and fight off free radicals.  Green tea is well capable of killing P. Acne bacteria with no side effects help to soothe and smooth a congested complexion.

9. Milk Thistle
An anti-inflammatory antioxidant that moisturizes skin and zinc that protects the skin’s vital DNA from free radicals and UV rays, while keeping the skin moisturized and protected.

The goal in creating a healthy skin makeup is to find key natural ingredients such as potent botanicals that can be added to a makeup base and give your skin the support it needs. Clients want a perfect color match to create their own even-toned complexion with vital ingredients that continually improves their skin with each makeup application. Adjusting the coverage is important to clients that our foundation formula is buildable so our client can have a barely their makeup look or a more polished look. 

Foundation needs to help create a healthy skin-finish glow without the need for silicones, waxes, or synthetics. Our CMP foundation focuses on minerals as the base and botanicals as the nourishing skin additives. The skin loves ingredients that can quench its thirst and add protection to maintain a healthy barrier and this in turn will make the skin radiate from within.  Makeup in today’s world has to be non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic and feel like a second skin. Everyone wants a great foundation for their skin but with a clean aesthetic to their formula. The demand is there for the perfect everyday makeup that is an extension of your own skincare. Now you just need to make it a part of your everyday!

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