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Are Botanical Face Oils All Hype?

Facial oils are a perfect vehicle for Botanicals, which are plant oils containing nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, ceramides, and aminos. There is no hype here – just a lot of science.

These nutrients bring a range of value to the skin to boost radiance and vitality. Botanical oils are typically the richest in facial oils since an oil formula is the best way to keep them preserved and bioactive. The oils that carry these nutrients are also incredible as skincare, providing omega fatty acids to renew the skin’s moisture. However, facial oils often get a bad rap for not being friendly to naturally oily skin. In this article, we’ll help explain what facial oils bring to the skin, and explain why any customer can benefit from them.

3 Hot Takes On Botanical Facial Oils

1. It’s All About The Delivery System
Not all oils are created equal: it’s all about the delivery system. Certain oils use a delivery system design to bring nutritional elements, such as the antioxidants and nutrients mentioned, into the skin and actually release benefits. 

That’s where Immunocologie’s Face Serum Oil comes in. Unlike other oils, this product leverages the technology of natural emulsion, patented within the brand’s Vital Oligo Science. This emulsion is unique in a botanical facial oil, bringing together water and oil to effectively deliver ingredients and allow your skin to absorb the product. The Face Serum Oil, from Immunocologie’s fully natural line of skincare, uses only natural ingredients and technology to deliver benefits to the skin without disrupting the natural balance of the skin’s oils or skin barrier.

Karen Ballou Immunocologie

Contribution by Karen Ballou

Immunocologie was created by Karen, a veteran skincare executive after she was diagnosed with cancer. As she recovered from the ravages of chemo, she made it her mission to create a safe, natural, effective skincare line designed to ensure skin health from the outside in.

Karen is an ingredient and formulation expert, a nutrition and skincare guru, and, following her diagnosis and recovery, an ardent believer in the importance of building a healthy immune system. She’s also a mom, wife, businesswoman, connector, and healthy living enthusiast.

2. Botanical Facial Oils Give Your Skin Nutritional Value
The contents of an oil can contain a diverse number of nutrients: it all depends on the ingredients and their quality. One thing to look for is “cold-pressed”: this method of ingredient extraction preserves nutritional value by obtaining maximum content from ingredients with minimal processing. Using a good quality oil with good quality ingredients also means more stable botanical oils which are safer to use on the skin, particularly if it’s sensitive. 

There are many, many types of nutritional value that can be found in facial oils, but here are some examples from Immunocologie’s oil formula: 

– A combination of cold-pressed desert date oil, sunflower oil, and shea butter extract replenish skin through a number of different Omega fatty acids that maintain the skin barrier to hold on to moisture and keep the skin looking hydrated and plump. 

– Botanical ingredients, or the plant-based components of the oil, often contain antioxidants, which support skin’s health by protecting it from free radicals in environmental pollutants. Certain antioxidants like Vitamin C are also known for naturally brightening and evening the skin tone. 

– Desert date leaf extract, bixa orellana, patchouli, and rosemary oils are some anti-inflammatory ingredients that can be found in plant-based oils: anti-inflammatories reduce the visible effects of sun-damaged or pollution-damaged skin, as well as the invisible effects that contribute to inflammaging, or skin aging. 

-Apart from supplying botanical nutrients to the skin, Immunocologie’s Vital Oligo Science also delivers minerals from French Green Clay to the skin, which support the skin’s microbiome and natural immunity.

3. Botanical Facial Oils Are Great For Combination / Oily Skin
Immunocologie’s serum-in-oil can be used right after cleansing as the last step for your skincare routine or can be used as a last step over a serum and/or moisturizer to seal in even more moisture. It’s multipurpose and can also be used first in your routine as an oil cleanser, or as a hair oil. Immunocologie’s founder, Karen Ballou, is a master esthetician who developed this facial oil to be friendly to all skin types. 

We often see that customers with combination or oily skin avoid oils, and it doesn’t have to be this way! Lightweight oils can actually help balance the skin’s naturally-produced oil, or sebum, in the long run, and certain botanical oils like rosemary can also act as astringents to help oily skin keeps the pores tight. What’s important is that customers use a quickly-absorbing oil that doesn’t sit on the skin and promote pore-clogging. Oils, just a few drops at a time, should be lightly dabbed or patted into the skin, rather than rubbed, in order for the skin to more effectively absorb them.


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