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Biomimetic Skincare For Aging + Hyperpigmented Skin

Biomimetic skincare technology is a tool used by a medical + spa skin care brand that L+A found at the IECSC in New York this past Spring. L+A is thrilled to share the story of Anna Lotan PRO. The brand’s focus is barrier support and one key tactic they use is biomimetic technology. You will be able to see this in their Revitalize & Illuminate Vitamin C Facial.

Thanks to Anna Lotan PRO for sponsoring this content so that we can bring the concept of Biomimetic technology to the L+A community.

Anna Lotan PRO’s Focus on Barrier Support 

Anna Lotan PRO views barrier repair and support as the foundation of all skin care. A healthy, well-kept, hydrated barrier is the key to success in treating any condition. If the skin is healthy then it takes less intensity to work on the correction of ailments like wrinkles, pigmentation, and acne. Anna Lotan PRO is backed by extensive proprietary research in science and technology. 

These products for medical + spa skin care professionals treat the skin with the utmost care. Using sustainable, naturally derived ingredients within carefully selected carriers enables Anna Lotan Pro to minimize skin reactions. Anna Lotan PRO prefers biomimetic components that mimic the skin’s own water and oil-soluble constituents. These will be comfortably accepted by the skin when replenishing what has been lost. Protecting your client’s skin barrier function is a primary Anna Lotan PRO philosophy.

This focus on barrier support is woven throughout the brand’s collection in two ways. 

1. Biomimetic Skincare Products 

The use of biomimetic ingredients that are designed to mimic the functions already existing within the skin. Biomimetics, derived from the Greek words “bios” (life) and “mimesis” (to imitate), is a field of study that mimics biological processes, structures, and substances found in nature to solve human problems. In skincare, biomimetics has emerged as a promising approach, harnessing the power of natural ingredients to develop innovative and effective products.

Natural moisturizing factors found in the skin, such as amino acids, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, are often replicated in skincare formulations to enhance hydration and maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. But it is not limited to just moisturization; biomimetic peptides, derived from proteins found in the skin, can stimulate collagen production, improve elasticity, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. While ingredients like growth factors, derived from plant stem cells or other sources, mimic the body’s natural repair processes, promoting cell renewal and tissue regeneration. 

2. Hydration Prior To Exfoliation 

A main feature of most of Anna Lotan PRO protocols is hydrating the skin before any exfoliation is performed. This is done to aid in skin barrier health while achieving effective exfoliation of the skin. Traditionally, exfoliation has been associated with mechanical or chemical methods that can sometimes be harsh on the skin. However, a gentler approach known as hydration-based exfoliation is gaining traction in the skincare world. In almost all of the Anna Lotan PRO protocols, there is some sort of hydration mask before the start of any kind of exfoliation.  All of the Anna Lotan PRO products fall within the scope of licensure for estheticians in all fifty states because they formulate to EU standards. 

The Aging and Hyperpigmentation Treatment 

L+A talked extensively with the Anna Lotan PRO team. In those conversations, the Anna Lotan PRO team explained that they have added antioxidants into both the age management and brightening products, which are included in their Revitalize & Illuminate Vitamin C Facial.

Medical + spa skin care professionals can trust that there is a commitment to maintaining a healthy skin barrier in every step of the Anna Lotan PRO treatment protocols.

We asked the brand to help us understand how they ensure each step of the facial focuses on barrier support. 

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How Anna Lotan PRO Treats Aging Skin 

At the beginning of the Revitalize & Illuminate Vitamin C Facial, the skin is prepared with a brightening toner containing Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Licorice extract, and Aloe Vera.  These ingredients have a soothing effect that supports the skin, reducing irritation that may cause hyperpigmentation.  

Another important product in the protocol is their Enlight Brightening Booster.  This is a favorite for back bar and retail.  First, it contains Vitamins C & E; Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) extract which is rich in Vitamin C; Lepidium Sativum Sprout (Garden Cress) extract which protects skin cells against free radicals.  Another benefit is that it contains Niacinamide (Vit B3) which is beneficial for mature, sun-damaged skin, and Azelaic Acid which benefits younger, oily or combination skins.

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Carriers For Healthy Exfoliation 

A lot also depends on the carrier in the formulation – not just the active ingredients. Careful use of emulsifiers, and their types – or even (at times) avoiding them altogether – plays a significant role in maintaining skin moisture and elasticity. One of the exfoliants in the line is called Carrotinol – The Mild Peel.  This product dispenses as a gel and then transitions into an oil.  This is referred to as a Transitional Carrier.  The Hyaluronic acid in the formulation hydrates, softens, and expands the volume of the epidermis.  The cells are now swollen and will gently exfoliate. The oil film restructures the barrier – this is Healthy Exfoliation.

“This product was my introduction to the Anna Lotan Pro brand, and it had me hooked! Another esthetician told me to ensure I tried the Carrotinol if I was going to try anything from the brand, and I am so thankful she did! The thick orange gel applies easily, and once you start manipulating it, it is transformed into an oil.  This creates the most wonderful glide, and allows you to perform a luxurious facial massage while exfoliating AND hydrating.” Jenni Nagle

How Anna Lotan PRO Treats Hyperpigmentation 

Anna Lotan Pro treats many forms of pigmentation.  Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Melasma, and UV-induced pigment.  They use brighteners in their products as opposed to the lightener, Hydroquinone.  With the various ingredients used, they’re able to stop the Melanogenesis cascade at multiple points.  

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Gradual Overnight Exfoliation

Part of the Revitalize & Illuminate Vitamin C Facial is the Mandelic Exfoliating Gel. This is used during the treatment and then retailed for home use. Anna Lotan PRO recommends the client use this product in the evening, two nights per week. It contains the perfect Trifecta of Mandelic, Kojic, and Lactic acids to gently exfoliate ridding the skin of sun-damaged cells while enhancing its renewal. Added moisturizing benefits are achieved with Sodium PCA and Dead Sea minerals. 

Safe UVA Daytime Protection

Anna Lotan PRO  has many products in the line that offer UVA protection. Lightly Tinted Mineral Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30; Gentle Daytime Protective Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF30, and their newly launched Premium BB Cream SPF46 with Titanium Dioxide and Octinixate.

Antioxidant Protection 

This Revitalize & Illuminate Vitamin C Facial is finished with Smoothing Repair Butter. The formula leaves a calming sensation on the skin. Containing the amino acid Proline and Palm oil derivatives for their wrinkle-smoothing effect, hydrating polysaccharides for moisture retention, and Vitamins C and E and Dunaliella Salina Extract as active antioxidants.

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Vitamin C Boost Active Mask 

One of the final steps in The Revitalize & Illuminate Vitamin C Facial is Anna Lotan’s new Vitamin C Boost Active Mask. This mask is ideal for sun-damaged, hyperpigmented skin. suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin. Loaded with Vitamin C it also contains powerful antioxidants and hydrators. Arctic Cloudberry; Cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract is a mineral and vitamin-rich plant extract that has proven to have a high concentration of water (above 95%) and is beneficial in skincare due to its antioxidant, skin conditioning, and anti-inflammatory soothing effect; Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract which helps soothe aggravated skin and protect it from further irritation. Every time we treat skin we hydrate and protect.

Understanding Biomimetic Ingredients 

Biomimetic ingredients are often well-tolerated by the skin, reducing the risk of irritation and allergic reactions. By closely mimicking natural biological processes, biomimetic skincare products can deliver targeted benefits with high efficacy. Biomimetic approaches can be applied to various skincare concerns, making them suitable for a wide range of consumers with different skin types and needs. Biomimetics represents a harmonious synergy between science and nature, offering a promising avenue for skincare innovation. By harnessing the wisdom of the natural world, biomimetic skincare products strive to enhance skin health and beauty while minimizing adverse effects on the environment. As research in this field continues to advance, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking developments that redefine the future of skincare.

How Anna Lotan PRO Hydrates Before Exfoliation

Anna Lotan Pro’s goal is to hydrate skin cells because as those cells are hydrated the dead cells will slough off easier. This is achieved through the application of products that include the  HA Hydration Gel, featured in the Illuminated & Revitalize Vitamin C Facial. The ROSEASE Quenching Gel Mask can be used to start any treatment before the exfoliation stages.

In addition to hydrating the skin prior to exfoliation, Anna Lotan PRO  also offers several unique exfoliators, like the Carrotinol Peeling, featured in the Revitalize & Illuminate Vitamin C Facial, that exfoliates the skin with Hyaluronic Acid. While Hyaluronic Acid is primarily known for its exceptional moisturizing properties, it can also play a role in exfoliation. Unlike traditional exfoliants that rely on abrasive particles or chemical acids, hyaluronic acid gently exfoliates by attracting moisture to the skin’s surface, helping to loosen dead skin cells and promote their natural shedding process. This gentle exfoliation not only helps to reveal fresher, brighter skin underneath but also ensures that the skin remains hydrated and plump throughout the process. As a result, exfoliating with hyaluronic acid is an excellent option for those with sensitive skin or anyone seeking a more gentle approach to exfoliation. 

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