A Best Microneedling Option For Spas – The Next Generation Machine

When we first saw this device at the IECSC in Ft. Lauderdale, we couldn’t believe what we discovered.  After a quick chat with the team at DermaFrac, our mind was blown!  We knew it was truly “the” next generation machine!  It is clearly one of the best microneedling option for spas!  Take everything you know about how other devices do microneedling and LEGIT – throw it out the window!

Why DermaFrac is a Best Microneedling Machine Option For Spas

DermaFrac Microneedling System for Spas

Patented Technology

Ok, have a seat and prepare yourselves, because you’re going to love this!  You know how with microneedling, your focus is to push needles into the skin.  There’s all that talk about how much pressure you apply and the depth of the needle.  Well, DermaFrac is chainging the game.  It’s offering estheticians, nurses and physicians a new way of thinking about microneedling. The DermaFrac is so unique, it truly is the best microneedling machine, because it has two truly unique features.  

Vacuum Technology

Perspective is everything!  DermaFrac took a totally different look at microneedling.  Rather than focus on pushing needles into the skin,DermaFrac Roller Infusion handpiece DermaFrac incorporates vacuum technology to lift the skin into contact with the needles, which are on a roller wheel located in the hand piece of the device.  In a calming and relaxing manner, one simply glides the hand piece over the patients skin as the calibrated vacuum technology gently lifts the skin into contact with the needle.  



Infusion Capability

DermaFrac infusions microneedlingThe second unique feature of the DermaFrac is its ability to infuse serums WHILE you’re microneedling!  Take your microneedling to a whole new level so you can help your clients achieve incredible results!  DermaFrac offers an assortment of infusions. Now you can rejuvenate, lighten and clarify as you perform the microneedling treatment with an even stream of product to ensure maximum product impact on the skin.  

DermaFrac is safer and more predictable.  It’s pain-free, so there’s no need for topical anesthetic, which reduces the treatment time considerably. Plus, the system is faster so you can do more treatments per day. 



But don’t take our word for it!  DermaFrac has testimonials from estheticians and doctors who love DermaFrac. 

In fact, here’s a video that we loved!  

Proof Is In The Results

Yes, of course, we love patents and all of the amazing testimonials from doctors and other estheticians!  But the real test is to see what the DermaFrac can do to clients’ skin.  We asked DermaFrac for some before and after images to show and we couldn’t believe what we saw!  

Safe For Darker Skin Tones

One of the main concerns when doing any type of controlled wound to skin is causing any permanent damage.  Darker skin tones are vulnerable to scaring when there is any trauma to the skin.  DermaFrac eliminates that concern.  It’s safe for darker skin tones!  You can offer DermaFrac microneedling with confidence.  

Can see why we love it?

Seriously, when the team at DermaFrac showed Jenni and I the machine, we just looked at each other and shrugged.  Jenni was like, “How is this not more famous?”  I was like…. “I know, right?”  We basically forced the team to send us a machine so we could write an article on them because we were so blown away!  I want to give a huge shout out to Liz Contello from Purely Skin Care. She was working at the Florida IECSC with LightStim and connected me with the DermaFrac team!  

We’d like to thank DermaFrac for sponsoring this article. 

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