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10 Best Spa Holiday Gifts For Men

10 Best Holiday Gifts For Men

Need the Best Holiday Gifts For Men to stock the shelves of your spa or skin care business?  We have some great suggestions for you!

“Trust me when I tell you – guys will love these! I swear!  Check out my 10 reasons why guys will love our 10 Best Holiday Gifts For Men!”, xo xo Barry

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Need some fun ideas for Holiday Gifts for under the tree?  Need something for one of the 8 Nights of Hanukkah? We have an all encompassing list of incredible gifts for anyone who loves skin care, take a look at the L+A 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

Gifts Sets from DMK

Gift Sets from dmSkincare

Gift Sets from Hale & Hush

Candles from Immunocologie

Masks from MedSpa Distributors

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10 Best Spa Holiday Gifts For Men

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10 Best Holiday Gifts For Men + Why They’ll Love Them!

  1. Guys will love the Made for Men Primary System by Finipil! It’s one of our Best Holiday Gifts For Men, “It’s the ultra-rich, super invigorating shave lotion for me!” Barry
  2. Guys will love the Shave + Soothe Gift Set by KM Herbals!  “It’s the organic, wild crafted, ingredients that smell ridic for me!” Barry
  3. Guys will love the Shave Bar from by dmSkincare! “It’s the licorice scent and rich lather for me!” Barry
  4. Guys will love the Hale & Hush Skincare brand! “It’s the lack of fragrance and green/blue brand colors that make this great for a man’s bathroom.” Barry
  5. Guys will love ThermoBall from MedSpa Distributors! “It’s the icy sensation that brings pain relief after lifting heavy at the gym!” Barry
  6. Guys will love the Rooted King Gift Box from Queen City Beauty! “It’s the beard oil for me!” Barry
  7. Guys will love The Black MYSKINBUDDY!  It’s one of our Best Holiday Gifts For Men! “It’s the awesome color for me!” Barry
  8. Guys will love the DU SOLEIL candle from Immunocologie! “It’s the fresh scent in the bathroom that EVERY guy needs!  Also, it’s black so – it will look cool and keep it from smelling like a locker room.”  Barry
  9. Guys will love Deep Freeze from DMK! “It’s the icy goodness and penetrating relief after a hard day of deadlifts for me!”  Barry
  10. Guys will love Full Face Set by SilcSkin! It’s one of our Best Holiday Gifts For Men! “It’s not looking like an angry Russian scientist everyday for me!”  Barry


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