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Skin + Body Trends In Europe, The Middle East + Asia 

Jenni Nagle + Barry Eichner attend 2023 IMCAS in Paris and report on the skincare trends in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia! 

The overwhelming trend that we saw at IMCAS is one that we’ve been reporting on for the past year or so here in the United States! 

barry eichner attend 2023 imcas

L+A Attended M.A.D Skincare European Summit 

While Jenni Nagle + Barry Eichner attend 2023 IMCAS, International Master Course on Aging Science, they also joined the M.A.D Skincare European Summit that was held in Paris on January 29, 2023, where the brand hosted 9 of its global distributors at Renaissance La Defense. M.A.D hosted nearly 60 physicians from around the world who were guests of M.A.D’s 9 global distributors to launch M.A.D Luxe and M.A.D Mapping™.

Prior to the full day of training, M.A.D Skincare exhibited at IMCAS, where they met with their all-new European distributors in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg adding to their existing partnerships in Spain and Poland. 

M.A.D Skincare also welcomed distributors from Dubai in the U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Korea Read Full Article 

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IMCAS Is The Ultimate Medical Show On Aging Science In Europe for Face, Body, and Hair

IMCAS is a medical show on aging science that hosted nearly 16,000 participants from 136 countries, for more than 300 learning hours.  Attendees included physicians and estheticians from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Literally, every major brand for cosmeceuticals, lasers, injectables, and medical devices for skincare and body. 

Many brands had product that could be injected directly into the skin by a physician. This is a huge business in Europe, Asia, and the Middle, just like in many doctor’s offices here in the U.S.

We saw so many brands that we knew – Allergan (BOTOX + CoolSculpting™), Galderma (Restylane and Sculptra), Sciton (Face and Body Lasers), Canfield (Face Imaging, Full Body Imaging, and Hair Imaging), Alma, PCA, M.A.D Skincare Promoitlia (Elastic Bubble Gold Rose) and Skinceuticals. 

We also found a host of new brands that we were very interested in getting to know better!  Indiba devices, Vivacy Lab, Biosil (Ingestibles), CryoPen, Revitacare (Hair Restoration), Cantabria Labs (Hair Rejuvenation Products), Bloomea (Resurfacing Device), and Neauvia – a favorite brand of Paris Hilton. 

barry eichner attend 2023 imcas
barry eichner attend 2023 imcas
barry eichner attend 2023 imcas
barry eichner attend 2023 imcas

IMCAS Shows HOT European Trend 

One of the trends that we spotted and we’re thrilled to see – mostly because we’ve been talking about this same concept for the US market for the past two years!  We saw many brands offering a line of cosmeceutical products AND devices!  

Our favorite example of this was Neauvia! They offer injectables, cosmeceuticals, and devices. 

3 Reasons Why We Loved Neauvia

1. Paris Hilton keeps the ZAFFIRO™ BY NEAUVIA (for face and body) in her home spa.

2. Neauvia’s newest product is a new lipgloss called LIPBLISS.

3. Neauvia has a Vitamin C product called C Shot!

Yes, they do it all – all of it – and offer their accounts a one-stop shop for everything rejuvenating for the skin! 

IMCAS Was All About Education 

The IMCAS has a complete education calendar for all medical professionals to attend and learn. The classes ranged from anatomy cadaver workshops, plastic surgery and anatomical dissections and so many more!  There were also many education companies that exhibited at IMCAS showcasing their online courses and textbooks. 

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