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The Peel For The Face + Body Great For Fitzpatrick 4 – 6

Audia Skincare has a phenomenal peel that can be used for all skin types and is excellent for the face, back, buttocks, and the backs of the hands. This is a wonderful way to help your Fitzpatrick 4, 5, and 6 clients with PIH on their whole body! Now you can help clients boost their skin longevity with this amazing treatment from Audia Skincare. 

Audia Skincare Care’s Full Body Peel 

The ingredients in Audia Skincare’s All In One Caviar Peel brighten, help to lighten hyperpigmentation, healing, and extend skin’s longevity. They also help to control breakouts. It has a gentle, pleasant scent, unlike other peels on the market. The time it is set on the skin and application can be adjusted so that it is appropriate for different skin types and conditions. You do not need to carry five different peels in your back bar. The All-in-One Peel is true to its name!

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One of the most popular growth areas in the spa industry is to be able to help clients treat hyperpigmentation all over the body. Dark spots from PIH don’t just happen on the face. They can happen all over the body, from friction and from trauma.

Treat Fitzpatrick 4 – 6 PIH 

Fitzpatrick 4 – 6 can get dark spots from PIH on the legs, buttocks, and pubic area, from breakouts and ingrown hairs. The dark skin tones can also get hyperpigmentation from friction where clothing rubs on elbows and knees, these clients can also experience shaving-related friction on their underarms and pubic areas. 

The beauty of the Audia Skincare All In One Caviar Peel is that this treatment is ideal for all over the body. You can help your clients have even-toned skin from head to toe! 

Audia Skincare’s All-In-One Caviar Peel Key Ingredients 

This peel contains 25% Vitamin C which stimulates collagen, boosts clarity, and brightens, acts as an antioxidant. It’s got 20% caviar which is rich in Vitamins, proteins, Omega 3, nucleic acids, and phospho-lipids. Boosts the antioxidant levels in the skin to battle free radicals. Rejuvenates tissues and aids in the simulation of fibroblast cells which produce more collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans in the skin.

You can also count on Alpha Arbutin which is a powerful melanogenesis inhibitor that helps to slow down hyperpigmentation leading to brightening of the skin and has anti-inflammatory effects. You can neutralize free radicals with Phoretin, which also improves skin turnover and rids the skin of stagnant hyperpigmentation in the tissue.

It includes Lactic Acid to lift pigmented spots from the tissue and suppresses hyperpigmentation, as well as hydrates. The peel doubles down with Salicylic Acid which aids in exfoliation, has a germicidal effect, and helps to control excess oil.

You will be able to reassure clients that this peel will brighten with Bearberry/Kojic & Licorice – a trio that successfully helps to control hyperpigmentation at its source (the melanocyte).

Finally, plump fine lines with Hyaluronic acid, it also soothes and hydrates the skin for a soft, dewy look.

Jenni’s Experience with Audia Skincare’s All-In-One Caviar Peel

“The peel that provides instant results! I’ve worked with this peel several times in 2023, and it never fails.  Even on thicker areas of the body, such as the back, it gives a slight kick when applied and neutralized – and leaves glowing results! When used in combination with the other Audia back bar options, you are sure to achieve great results on any area of the body.”

Thanks to Audia Skincare For Sponsoring This Content so we could share the all-over body peel.

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