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Reverse Skin Aging with NAD+ 

L+A first met the team at Aramore Skincare in the Fall of 2023. It was during our initial conversation with them that they explained NAD+, we realized their NAD+ supplements and skin care products were going to be a huge hit with the L+A community! L+A skin pros are always looking for the most effective products to use on their patients when performing treatments and recommending home care. The Aramore scientific team has created an arsenal of content for L+A Skin Pros to use as a resource. 

Thanks to Aramore Skincare for sponsoring this article so that we can continue to share the remarkable information on NAD+.

What is NAD+ and How It Can Reverse Skin Aging 

The amount of scientific study that is backed by this brand is remarkable. 

NAD+ is the fuel to boost metabolism. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide – (NAD+) is a coenzyme found in all of our cells, including in our skin. NAD+ is necessary for cellular metabolism. It creates the energy which allows every cell to carry out its functions.

NAD+, and therefore cellular metabolism, declines as we age. The result is what we call aging. It happens in our body and in our skin. NAD+ levels decrease with age, leading to a thinner, weaker epidermis and visual indicators like wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots, dehydrated crepey skin, and more.

The body uses NAD+ for energy metabolism. This happens in the mitochondria, the “power plant” of the cell. In the skin, energy is essential for the healthy replacement of skin cells.

Aramore Scientists Harness NAD+ To Reverse Skin Aging  

Aramore Skincare was founded by top scientists in Dermatology, Chemistry, Stem Cell Research, and natural compounds from Harvard and MIT. 

When the scientific co-founders first met, they had a vision: to create a science-based whole-system skincare line that met their rigorous scientific standards. One they would use themselves. 

This multi-disciplinary team worked together to develop a first-of-its-kind NAD+ Precursor Complex. They created a delivery mechanism that would support the absorption of ingredients better than any other products on the market! 

In fact, it was Aramore co-founder, Anna Mandinova, MD, PhD, of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, who discovered how to use NAD+, the fuel to boost metabolism, to reverse skin aging. NAD+ is being hailed as the anti-aging ingredient.

Anna’s research showed that boosting NAD+ with the precursor Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) combined with ketones and fatty acids normalizes skin stem cell differentiation into skin cells. In other words, the healthy replacement of skin cells that we begin to lose with age.

Aramore Skincare

NAD+ Morning Duo

One of the easiest ways that medical + spa skin pros can help their clients get a daily dose of NAD+ and boost their skin’s metabolism to help reverse skin aging is to recommend that patients get the Aramoe Skincare NAD+ Morning Duo

“I love any supplement that will enhance my skin. I am addicted to the Morning Duo, the supplement is easy, I take it with my Collagen Gummy, my EFA+, and my AG1 in the morning! I apply the Cell Energizing Lotion before any of my serums! My skin loves it.” Barry Eichner 

“I started incorporating both the AM and PM supplements into my routine at the beginning of 2024 knowing it has so many beneficial ingredients that support skin and overall health.  I have also been using the Retinol Peptide Booster in a stretch mark case study and have seen dramatic texture improvements.” Jenni Nagle

The NAD+ Morning Duo allows your patients to take the AM NAD+ Vitalize Supplement and then easily incorporate the NAD+ Cell Energizing Lotion into their morning home care routine. 

The NAD+ Vitalize Supplement is the first supplement to target 8 pathways of skin aging. Boosts cellular energy to slow down the aging process so skin acts and looks younger. Visibly improves wrinkles, dark spots, firmness, moisturization, and radiance. 

The NAD+ Cell Energizing Lotion is based on a breakthrough discovery from our co-founder—a top stem cell scientist from Harvard. This clinically proven treatment with our proprietary NAD+ complex improves the appearance of lines/wrinkles, firmness, and skin texture/tone. 

NAD+ Resources by Aramore Skincare

Aramore Skincare was founded by top scientists in Dermatology, Chemistry, Stem Cell Research, and natural compounds from Harvard and MIT. The team at Aramore Skincare has joined L+A on a few occasions to educate on NAD+. They’ve written editorial articles on NAD+ and Longevity. They’ve been panelists on a Webisode of L+A Now, titled “The Future of Skincare Powered by NAD+ in Supplements + Topicals”. You can watch that by searching for the title on the L+A Mobile App.  They’ve even written an E-Book titled, “A Guide to Skin Longevity. Powered by NAD+”, which you can download by entering your contact information below.

A Guide to Skin Longevity. Powered by NAD+

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