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Unicorn Tears Eye Treatment

Liquid Crystal + Antioxidant Eye Treatment

Cult Favorite Product Get’s A Nick Name

Ok, Hale & Hush has become the breakout cult product line for 2019.  It won 3 L+A Fav Awards this year and has become the go-to companion line because it’s a sensitive skin line that works well with virtually every other brand.  Loved by so many, the brand’s key products are even earning nicknames.  Their Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum, an antioxidant eye treatment product that is full of liquid crystals has been dubbed Unicorn Tears because of its pink, rainbow colored shimmery apperance.

Liquid Crystal Antioxidant Eye Treatment is super charged with Ionic & LED Technology

Another breakout star of 2019 has been MYSKINBUDDY!  This cult favorite has also won a 2019 L+A Fav Award! This dynamic device cotains Ionic technology and LED light therapy.  These 2 features make it an ideal device to pair with Unicorn Tears from Hale & Hush. MYSKINBUDDY’s negative ionic setting improves penetraion of the sophisticated, “snap-turn” antioxidant and the lipid crystals in Unicorn Tears.  The red LED setting also helps to improve the anti-aging benefits of the rich eye serum.

Unique Ingredients Make Unicorn Tears So Effective

The Hale & Hush Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum has gained such notariety because of the superior ingredient technology.  Rather than focus on plumping the skin with traditional ingredients, it enhances lipid levels and barrier function by replenishing cholesterol.  Brilliant Eye & Lip also includes a highly effective antioxidant that provides superior cellular protection for mitochondria and DNA.

What are the liquid crystals in Unicorn Tears? 

Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum

CHOLESTERYL NONANOATE, CHOLESTERYL OLEYL, CHOLESTERYL STEARATE: A liquid crystal fluid comprised of “cholesteryl”, which is the form of cholesterol for cellular storage. Cholesterol is an essential component of cell structure, communication and biochemistry. Topical liquid crystal enhances skin’s lipid levels, barrier function, softness and flexibility.

What is the antioxidant in Unicorn Tears?

PHENYL T-BUTYLNITRONE (SPIN TRAP): Phenyl t-Butylnitrone (PBN) is an intelligent and powerful antioxidant compound known as a “Spin Trap” because of how it targets and traps free radicals to convert them to stable molecules that are no longer destructive for removal by the body or for reuse in various cellular processes. PBN is particularly effective against the aggressive hydroxyl and superoxide radicals to provide superior protection for mitochondria and DNA, which are especially susceptible to those two radicals.


The Protocol for Unicorn Tears

Combining LED and negative ionic technology from MYSKINBUDDY with the superior ingredient technology in Hale & Hush’s Brilliant Eye and Lip Treatment makes the perfect liquid crystal and antioxidant eye treatment that can be added on to any facial.  The beauty of the the Unicorn Tears treatment is that because Hale & Hush and MYSKINBUDDY are so gentle, this treatment is for virtually everyone.

Get Unicorn Tears 40% Off From Hale & Hush

If you’ve decied you want to try the Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum from Hale & Hush, and are a licensed professional whose never tried it or purchased it, you can get 40% off if you complete the form at teh bottom of the page.  

Unicorn Tears Liquid Crystal + Antioxidant Eye Treatment

Gently apply the Brilliant Eye & Lip Serum around the eye.  Use Setting #4 on MYSKINBUDDY, which is the skin rejuvenation mode that offers RED LED and negative ionic charge to improve product penetration. 

Treat the eye area with MYSKINBUDDY for 2 – 3 minutes.

Try Unicorn Tears In Florida

We love this liquid crystal and antioxidant eye treatment so much that we’re going to be demonstrating it at our booth at the International, Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference in Ft Lauderdale, FL on Oct 6th and 7th.  We’ll be at booth #1119.  If you’re at the show, you’re invited to stop by and try this cult favorite eye treatment for yourself. 

Meet Hale & Hush founder and product formulator, Kris Campbell.  Kris, will be facilitating the demonstrations, you can chat with her about Hale & Hush and why it works so well with virtually every other skin care brand.  

Hale & Hush – The Black Leggings Of Skin Care

In the professional skin care industry, the number of clients with skin sensitivy seems to be on the increase.  One of the reasons that Hale & Hush has achieved their cult status is because they are a brand that can work synergistically with any other brand to help treat clients with almost any type of skin sensitivity issues.  They’re a go to for rosacea clients as well as clients who have skin compromised by cancer treatments. It’s why we call them, “the black leggings of skin care”, becuase they go with everything! Read our full review HERE.

Get Unicorn Tears 40% Off From Hale & Hush

Licensed estheticans who have never tried or purchased the Brilliant Eye & Lip Treatment from Hale & Hush, can get their first bottle at 40% off to experience the product.  Hale & Hush, is unable to create sample packets, so you can enjoy a nice discount in order to try it.  
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