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RF Microneedling Infusion of Vitamin C

The Anima Envie + Timexpert Radiance C+

DermaJEM Anima Envie and Timexpert Radiance C+ from Germaine De Capuccini come together in one treatment so the Pure C10 can be infused into the open channels in the skin created from the RF Microneedling in the Anima Envie.

English Video of Combined Treatment

This step by step video shows how to incorporate the Timexpert Radiance C+ Facial treatment from Germaine de Capuccini into an RF Microneedling Treatment with the Anima Envie from DermaJEM.

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Spanish Video of Combined Treatment

Este video muestra paso a paso como incorporar el nuevo protocolo facial de Germaine de Capuccini Time Expert Radiance C+ Facial junto al equipo de Microagujas con Radiofrecuencia Fraccionana Anima Envie de DermaJEM.

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