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All You Need To Know About Blogging For Business

Blogging for business is my life—it’s what I do every single day. If you don’t already know, I write and edit a beauty blog, Lipgloss + Aftershave, so it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about how to blog.

I have to interview and select our guest bloggers and assign them a topic for their article. Many of the spa professionals that we work with aren’t full-time writers. Most are estheticians or makeup artists who have strong skills. We select them because we want them to share their skills and product and treatment knowledge with our community.

Because many aren’t writers, I help them flush out their article, so they can sit down and write an article that will best showcase their knowledge base. I often get feedback that they are nervous about writing because it’s not something that they’re used to doing on a regular basis. I give them all the same advice:

Just Sit Down and Start Writing

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