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Can Makeup Speed Recovery After Skincare Treatments?

Advanced Minerals introduces the Treatment Recovery Trio.

Advanced Minerals has been the go-to mineral brand in the professional skin care industry for the past decade! Created by award-winning makeup artist Annie Mayo, Advanced Minerals has always been focused on quality and simplicity. 

Virtually Every Woman Uses Makeup – Make Sure It’s A Treatment + Not Makeup

We beg you to let go of the “no makeup” philosophy in your skincare business. It’s simply not practical in the age of high-quality makeup with sophisticated ingredient technology that’s available today – you can actually think of Advanced Minerals as a treatment and not makeup! Virtually every woman out there will use some kind of makeup. Most don’t go crazy – they may use it to even out skin tone, make her eyes pop and give her lips a glow! Advanced Minerals Treatment Foundation is perfect for this.

Makeup is a multi-billion dollar a year business. Don’t miss the chance to help clients look great. Never miss a chance to give them good advice on something that’s going on their skin. 

But – what if there was a natural treatment product that had color with built in to it – that was a natural sunscreen? What if this product was also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory?

Advanced Mineral’s Quality Is Ideal For Post-Aggressive Treatments

Annie has always kept the focus of Advanced Mineral Makeup’s ingredients to be of the highest quality. Which is ideal for a professional skincare setting. The brand is so good for the skin that it actually can work as an ideal post-aggressive treatment product. 

“This is not just a makeup It’s a treatment that has color with built in natural sunscreen. It helps with Rosacea and Acne because it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.” Annie Mayo

After any facial, especially chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and even microneedling, the skin has a slight erythema. This is always anticipated but can leave a client looking a little “unfinished”. Our goal should be to help the client look their absolute best after a treatment. 

The Advanced Mineral Makeup Treatment Recovery Trio

Use the Treatment Recovery Trio – let clients leave looking GORGEOUS! A nourishing, restorative, finishing pressed powder. A little mascara to make their eyes pop and a little touch of lipgloss to give their lips a shine. 

The Treatment Recovery Trio  

Pressed Mineral Powder 

This will let them leave looking refreshed while the all-natural minerals, ACE Vitamins, Zinc and Titanium Dioxide, antioxidants, and aloe kick-start the recovery process.


Use a disposable mascara wand to dip into the Advanced Mineral Makeup Mascara and brush on some color to their lashes. This will give their eyes a pop and enhance their excitement when they look at themselves after the treatment. 


Use a disposable applicator to apply a pop of gloss to their lips. This will add shine to their smile and enhance the overall luminosity of their appearance.

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