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#BTS At NeurotriS

We Got Rock Star Access To The Whole Facility 

I never turn down the chance to learn more about technology in the skincare industry!  When Tony Picciano from NeurotriS invited us to come and tour their facility in Irvine, I jumped at the chance!  First, I love Southern California, so a chance to get out of Philadelphia and into some sunny warm weather is a no brainer!  Second, I really wanted to learn more about NeurotriS!  Microcurrent is such a huge part of our industry, so I really wanted to be able to get to know as much as I could.  

I spent 3 days at NeurotriS talking with Tony Picciano and Patricia Hillebrand with full acceess to the entire facility!  I was shown the entire operation from start to finish!  If you love microcurrent or have even a little curiosity about it, you’re going to LOVE this!  

Here’s The Tour of NeurotriS

Best Part Of My Job

“You have a tough job!”, this is what I hear from everyone of my friends when I tell them that my job is to travel around the country and get skincare treatments!  I just laugh and say that it really is work.  😉

Seriously, I love skincare, I love facials, I love treatments and I love looking good!  So being able to get treatments is a joy!

The NeurotriS microcurrent treatment is one of Madonna’s favorite facials!  So you know I’m 100% on board!  I want to look like Madonna when I turn 60!

Madonna Approved Treatment


My NeurotriS Treatment!

Hand Made in America

How many times do you hear that the products that you’re purchasing for your business are handmade?  It’s rare!  But not for NeurotriS!  These devices are FDA cleared and are hand made in a state licensed facility in Irvine, CA!  The machines are custom designed with every order, by the design team at NeurotriS, then those designs are handed over to engineers who hand make each device!

Research & Development Is Important

NeurotriS is on the cutting edge of technology!  They invest heavily into research and development so that you can be assured you are always going to get the absolute best devices. 

The R&D team at NeurotriS works tirelessly to deliver the most current microcurrent technology.

Quality Control

Fun Fact:  Every single device that leaves the NeurotriS facility must be inspected by company CEO, Tony Picciano to ensure that it meets standards.  This is only after each devices is put through a rigorous set of tests to ensure that it will live up to its FDA clearance and lifetime warranty!


I had the chance to spend a lot of time with Patricia Hillebrand, RN, the Director of Sales & Training at NeurotriS.  Her strong medical background and over a decade of experience working with microcurrent make her an amazing resource!  I spent an entire morning with her talking about microcurrent, getting a microcurrent treatment and talking about how to incorporate microcurrent into all types of skincare treatments.   

One of the amazing benefits of purchasing a NeurotriS device is the training and education that comes with the device.  There is a team of trainers that cover the whole country!  They’re there to help NeuotriS device owners maximize their machines!  

I’ve met the entire team at NeurotriS from Tony, the CEO; Patricia, Director of Sales & Training; and Carrie, Customer Service; Pam, Field Trainer and I can say that they are incredible.  When you purchase a NeurotriS microcurrent machine, the whole team is there to support and help you in any way that they can!  


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