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Customizing Chemical + Manual Exfoliation Treatments

Customizing Chemical + Manual Exfoliation Treatments

Learn How To Work Resurfacing Options Into Treatments

In this hour long webisode of L+A Now, Elisa from Dermamed Solutions  will review different types of resurfacing techniques and how to incorporate them into your protocols.  She will also help with post treatment product recommendations. This is just as important as the actual treatment. 

In order to achieve optimal results for your clients, estheticians need to be able to customize treatments based on the specific skin situation that presents with every client appointment. In order to do that the esthetician must be able to use different types of modalities in a single treatment.  Understanding Resurfacing in order to customize your menu and enhance your treatment is vital to success. 

Managing the clients’ skin after treatment is what truly sets an esthetician apart.  When an esthetician explains post peel recovery and offer the client a scenario of what to expect – the esthetician establishes themselves as an expert and increases client confidence – which will improve client compliance levels with home care.  This also creates client loyalty for treatment and home care purchases. 

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