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Enzyme Exfoliation on the Sensitive Skin Client

Enzyme Exfoliation on the Sensitive Skin Client

Learn How To Give Sensitive Skin Clients a Beautiful Glow

Renowned product expert Kris Campbell will be discussing how to do exfoliation using enzymes on a sensitive skin client. Learn how to give sensitive skin clients a beautiful glow by gently exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells with the unique Hale & Hush approach.  

Kris will showcase Hale & Hush protocols that Kris considers ‘Best Practices’ for enzyme peels with sensitive skin clients.  She will explain the Hale & Hush theory behind their recommendations to not use steam and performing a second cleanse.

Kris will also do a top level review of acid theory (AHA and BHA) and discuss percentages and pH levels. 

Join us for this 1 Hour Webisode.

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