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Acids, Enzymes, + Resurfacing Recovery

Acids, Enzymes, Post Peel Recovery

90 Minutes on Chemical Peels, Enzyme Peels and Resurfacing Recovery

In this special 90 minute webisode of L+A Now, You’ll learn about an incredible peel from Dermastart that Jenni loves and has used for incredible results. You will also learn about an enzyme peel that can be used universally to get skin to glow!

We will also showcase 3 post resurfacing options to get clients’ skin back to balance after any type of resurfacing treatment. You’ll learn a manual method to cool and calm the skin, learn about an option that will kick start the healing process and learn about a gorgeous solution for clients that will provide protection and a flawless finish!

We’ll have

Dermastart / ClearChoice
Cherie Dobbs will present the Isomer Peel which is a TCA Combo Peel that you do not want to miss!

Hale & Hush
Shirley Avila will present Incredible Enzymes which is a universal enzyme peel that can be use on so many clients for so many different desired results.

Bianca Edwards will present her ICE Dice. Metal cubes, so smooth, they’ll glide over your clients’ freshly resurfaced skin. Chill them to help take the heat out of strong peels, and to calm the skin after microdermabrasion and other aggressive treatments.

Sunshine Botanicals
Emily Fritchey will be here to talk about Rapid Repair Fluid and how it can kick start the cellular regeneration process after ablative treatments.

Advanced Mineral Make Up
Annie Mayo will be with us to showcase how an application of mineral powder can kick start healing, protect the skin and allow clients to leave looking finished and glowing versus pink and raw!

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