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Dual Exfoliation to Renew – Balance – Soothe

Dual Exfoliation to Renew – Balance – Soothe

Be the first to hear about the latest launch from DermaJEM The Anima Ares. 

The Ares is unique because it combines 2 of the most popular types of exfoliation, hydrodermabrasion and microdermabrasion. Allowing you to offer your clients both forms of exfoliation with one machine. 

The Ares features ultrasound for deeper product penetration to ensure that your clients are receiving the full effect of your powerful skin care ingredients.  

The Ares features cold therapy to soothe and calm the skin post exfoliation. 

Learn the benefits of combining Hydrodermabrasion and Microdermabrasion in your treatment packages.

Learn how ultrasound therapy can improve your results and how combining all that with cold therapy will leave your clients with balanced, toned, glowing skin.

Hosts: Elizabeth Camacho, Co-Founder, Sales and Education Director and Jamie Quiles, Co-Founder, Director of Operations

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