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How Minerals Impact Skin

L+A Now: How Minerals Impact Skin

Learn How Minerals Impact Skin Nourish + Detoxify

Minerals, the same minerals which we receive in our daily multivitamins, can be used in skincare to serve a couple of different purposes: nutrition to feed your skin, and protection, as minerals are naturally anti-pathogenic and can kill off harmful bacteria. 

Minerals are able to strengthen the skin’s defense by supporting the growth of healthy bacteria on our microbiome, or part of our skin’s barrier which locks in our skin’s moisture and protects it from the outside world. At the same time, minerals can absorb, or adhere, to toxins and other microbes, which helps clear them out of your system for a detoxifying effect.

In this way minerals provide a balance to the skin’s microbiome: reducing the bad bacteria that can provoke skin disorders or infections, and increasing the skin’s good bacteria that helps the skin stay hydrated and healthy.

Because minerals are so relatively small compared to many skincare ingredients, they are also uniquely suited to actually absorb deep into your skin to both nourish and soothe it. Immunocologie uses a patented delivery system for mineral delivery that works through a clay water infusion.

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