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7 Winning Life Hacks – The Hustler’s Morning Edition

Respect The Hustle – Life Hacks To Maximize The Morning

7 Life hacks that will help every hustler out there maximize their morning! Regardless, if you think mornings are magical or if you hate waking up. If you’re a hustler, you need to respect the morning routine.  If you’re trying to build an empire, you need to do it with a clear head, a full stomach and great skin!

Mornings: Rituals, Routines, Habits

Doesn’t matter what you call it, having a morning ritual is going to help you get your day started in a positive way! Stay open-minded to the idea that starting the morning with structure is a life hack that will help you live your best life!  We have some very practical tips for you!

7 Life Hacks For Hustlers – The Morning Edition

#1 Coffee

Our first and most important life hack for every hustler’s morning is to have coffee. Here at Lipgloss + Aftershave, nothing happens before coffee.  It’s a religion around here!

Barry + Jenni are obsessed with Nespresso and usually add shots to french press brewed coffee.  Barry’s more of a “basic” hustler so he opts to use Starbucks French Roast in his French Press and Starbucks Espresso Pods in his Nespresso. But the Nespresso gives you coffee in under a minute, if you’re in a hurry, you can legit get your caffeine needs met real fast!

However, if Barry’s feeling a little Bougie in the morning, he’ll grind Stumptown’s French Roast that he found at the ACE Hotel in New York. To make it extra special he’ll do pour over with his Chemex® that he got at Elixir Coffee in Philly, where the baristas gave him a 20 minute tutorial on the exact weights and measures for the perfect pour over!

#2 Manifest / Meditate / Chill

Ok, we’re not your hocus-pocus kinda hustlers! We’re real-world, real-life, kinda hustlers.  But LEGIT, you gotta take a little time in the AM and wipe the slate clean.  Don’t judge!  Call it what you want, but Jenni’s obsessed with Idil Ahmed’s Idillionaire App.  It’s her way to get a good groove vibe going in the morning!

#3 Maybe Move A Little?

Ok, this is not set in stone.  Jenni’s an early morning workout kinda hustler.  Barry’s more of mid-day workout kinda hustler.  Either way, there’s so many ways that you can workout.  You can follow any of the free workouts that we offer on the Be Well With Barry instagram IGTV, we have guest personal trainers and yoga teachers bring us mini routines that can be done at home! Or if you need more motivation, you can get the Lululemon Mirror for guided workouts and yoga classes!  If you’re into spinning and have an extra $2500 to spare get a Peloton for the house, if you don’t have the extra cash – just get the Peloton App, there’s workouts in there – Jenni loved these all through quarantine.

#4 Nourish

You gotta give the body fuel! Check with a registered dietician to see what is right for you to eat for breakfast. Barry’s go to breakfast is from Trader Joe’s – 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread toasted with a light schmear of cream cheese and some Organic Reduced Sugar Wild Blueberry Preserves. 

Morning is a great time to take any supplements that your registered dietician has recommended for you. Both Barry and Jenni love Nature Pure’s Hippophae (Sea Buckthorn) Oil and DMK International’s EFA+, but you should always check with your physician or registered dietician before taking any supplements.

#5 Super Charge Your Skincare

Increase the impact of a 5 min skincare routine! Anyone can wash their face and apply serums, but a true hustler life hack, will maximize that precious time with the ionic power of MYSKINBUDDY.  Setting one uses Positive Ions to pull out gunk and dirt when cleansing and then Settings 2 – 6 use various LED Light Settings and Negative Ions to push your products deep into the skin.

Want to have more hydrated skin in the winter time? MYSKINBUDDY can help – we included it in our Winter Hydration Skin Care Guide to show how it can improve product penetration!

#6 Wear SPF

Yes, it deserves its own step! Nothing – and we mean nothing is more important to skin health, life hack than SPF! It helps to protect the skin against the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun.  Sun exposure can lead to skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, pre-mature skin laxity and overall poor skin health.

We get it, SPF used to be gross.  But technology has changed that!  Companies like HydroPeptide have perfected the art of making SPF!  They have a regular and a tinted version!

#7 Make Your Makeup Multi-Task

Here’s a 2 minutes life hack you will LOVE!  Grab your Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Powder Brush from Pat McGrath and brush on a mineral pressed powder to give you a flawless finish that will also feed your skin essential minerals. Jenni’s obsessed with the Angelina Pressed Powder from Advanced Mineral Makeup.  She finishes the look with a quick swipe of Advanced Mineral’s Mascara and Candice Luxury Lipgloss and she’s ready to rock the day on Zoom, IG LIVE, TikTok or whatever platform she’s creating content for on that particular day!

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