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Out Damned Spot – Out I Say!

“Out Damned Spot – Out I Say!”

The famous quote of Lady Macbeth as she sleepwalks and hallucinates in the famous Shakespeare play Macbeth.  In the case of Lady Macbeth the spots she’s referring to are blood.

We’re not as dramatic!  We’re only talking about some pesky hyperpigmentation that manifests in tiny dark spots on the skin. These usually come from too much sun exposure.  Since Macbeth was set in Scotland, we’re guessing Lady Macbeth, didn’t get much pool or beach time.  It was also set in the 1500’s so she was probably pretty covered up all the time too! 

So if you’re not like Lady Macbeth and do get sun exposure and maybe spend some time by a pool or on the beach, then you may have some damned spots you’d like to get rid of! 

Perhaps you’re not as consistent with your daily SPF as you should be.  Notice how I called it daily SPF – that’s because you’re LEGIT – supposed to wear it every single day!  But, again if you don’t, then you’re probably seeing some damned spots  appearing.

If you’re not loving those damned spots – then you’re in luck!  We’ve got your back!  There is an endless supply of brightening creams on the market but for many the main ingredient is HYPE! If you’re looking for results, you need professional grade skincare products; so we asked the experts.




Skin Lightener & Bump Fighter

Same ingredients as the original PFB Vanish™ but we added Dimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate to lighten dark spots. PFB Vanish™ + Chromabright™ is a post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation product which was able to inhibit tyrosinase activity by 37%. PFB Vanish™ + Chromabright™ was 45.9% more effective than Kojic acid and Hydroquinone.   Perfect for dark spots inside thighs & bikini area, under arms, chin, nape of neck, and even acne scars. It is safe for all ethnic skin types.  The only lightening and ingrown hair roll-on on the market….AND you will see skin lightening results in 6-8 weeks.


Illuminating White is a new, innovative formula for reducing skin spots. It contains SAFE ingredients and delivers the fastest and most efficient results. The Illuminating White formula has been tested successfully on all skin colors and types. It treats hyperpigmentation issue from different angles.

Darkly pigmented skin is caused by excess production of melanin in the body. When there is too much melanin production, dark spots may appear in different areas of your body such as your face, neck, chest and arms. The reasons for dark spots on your skin are varied. Skin injury or disease such as acne or eczema can trigger the skin to produce more melanin; certain skin procedures like chemical peel and laser therapy may also lead to dark spots. Too much sun exposure, hormones, or the effects of certain drug medications are also some of the reasons why you have those unwanted spots on your body as well.


Brighten me is a moisturizer that layers like a serum, designed to brighten and even skin tone. It contains a stable non-irritating form of Vitamin C to soothe and protect skin. Arbutin, Vitamin C, peptides, antioxidants and other botanical extracts work to lift stubborn pigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin from sun damage, scars and dark spots.


Vitamin C is an effective way to brighten skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This potent complex of four types of Vitamin C will deliver maximum results. C4 Intensiv also moisturizes and plumps, with added botanicals to nourish and soothe. Does not contain parabens or chemical colorants. Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, anti-oxidant rich, encourages collagen synthesis and even skin tone.  Apply a thin even coat to face and décolleté, day or night. Follow with M.A.D Skincare Illuminating Daily Moisturizer for maximum skin brightening effect. 


Contains Hyaluronic Acid, mineral-rich Seaweed Extract, and 3 of the most potent non-toxic whitening agent available on the market today. Tyrostat™ (derived from Rumex Occidentalis Extract), Nonapeptide-1 (Melanostatine®5), and α Arbutin address the affects of discoloration and hyperpigmentation on the skin. These amazing new natural ingredients prevent hyperproduction of melanin and further activation of tyrosinase, thus blocking melanin synthesis for better control over skin tone & brown spots.

These 5 amazing products were not available to Lady Macbeth.  But you’re in luck, you get to choose your favorite brightening product to help banish your dark spots. You can enjoy gorgeous even-toned skin. 

Thank you to Saian Skincare, M.A.D. Skincare, E.F. Tropics, and PFB Vanish for sponsoring this post.

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