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5 Products That Are Best Wax For Professionals

Best Wax For Professionals

Ok kids let’s talk about the best wax for professionals!  March is all about wax!  Hard wax, soft wax, blue wax, black wax, all kinds of wax!  We had a waxing expert weigh in on our Advice From Our Experts column!  Rose Nunn, Educator for Berodin Wax and owner of One Woman Spa is an advocate for waxing in the spa industry.  It’s one of her favorites to perform for many reasons!

She advises estheticians that March is the perfect time to start the conversation with clients about waxing.  “Get your clients started NOW!  If you get clients to start waxing now, they will be in much better shape, when summer rolls around!”  Rose has some great advice for you in her article in our Advice From Our Experts Column, “Waxing Tips For Estheticians”.

Rose Nunn

Rose Nunn for Lipgloss and Aftershave

It’s fast easy money that gives you dedicated clients. We all know when a client trusts you with their delicate bits, they stick with you for life!  Want a list of totally devoted, life-long clients? Just  follow my Waxing Tips For Estheticians.

Get Rose’s 5 Waxing Tips 

One of my favorite takeaways from Rose’s article was in her #3 Tip!  I screamed when I read it!  

The most fun part of waxing (other than the money) is the removal!

We secretly giggle inside when we have a reactionary client. Removal should be fast.

The slower you pull a strip, the faster you will lose your client.

Pulling your strip quickly ensures that the hair comes out properly. What does that mean? That means that the hair comes out from the root, and it doesn’t break.

I know Rose really well, so reading that she secretly giggled when she had a reactionary client – just made my day!  

We Found The Best Wax For Professionals At The IECSC

Lipgloss + Aftershave represented at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference in New York last weekend.  In order to find the best wax for professionals, we checked in with some of our favorite brands to see what they’d suggest.  We also found a few new brands and even found what we consider to be a game-changing wax!  

We walked over 10,000 steps a day to find you some of the best wax for professionals.  There’s one that literally made Jenni scream when I showed it to her.  Like, her inner wino, kind of wept with joy!

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This Week’s POP5! Best Wax For Professionals

Nufree Nudesse Pro Service Center 

Nufree Nudesse is the gold standard in hair removal and is carried by thousands of professional salons throughout the world. It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. Here are just a few of the reasons why Nufree Nudesse is the most effective hair removal treatment in the world.

Nufree Nudesse Pro Servicenter Includes: (1) 32 oz. Heater with vented lid, (2) 16 oz. Jars Hair Remover, (1) pack Nufree Nudesse Epilating Strips 200 ct., (2 packs) 20-ct. Nufree Nudesse Eyebrow Applicators, (2 packs) 20-ct. Nufree Nudesse Body Applicators, (1) 8 oz. Bottle Nufree Nudesse Erasing Lotion, (1) bottle finipil Pro/Elec 8 oz., (1) tube finipil lait 50 1.5 oz., 25 paper rims, (1 pad) Client Record Forms, Instruction poster
(50) Promo Flyers & Registration Card.



Starpil – Clear Hard Wax

Expertly crafted for hypersensitive and delicate skin, Starsoft clear wax is the epitome of luxury waxing and provides a flawless experience every time. The secret of Starsoft lies in its active natural principles that derived from Tamanu oil and other neurosensory ingredients, cares for skin, reduces pain, and helps it recover faster than traditional waxes.  Learn More

Berodin – Black Soft Wax + Blue Hard Wax

This is Rose’s favorite brand of wax!  She has been using it for years.  Endorsed by the Wax Queen herself, Lori Nestore!  You can tackle just about any waxing service with the Berodin Blue Hard Wax or Berodin Black Soft Wax  –  Click Here.

Alexander’s Aesthetics II – White Strip Wax by Lycon

The yummy fragrance of Coconut will force you to love this wax.  A high-tech, smooth, creamy and extra gentle white wax. A new flexible texture glides on ultra thinly, therefore is highly economical. Contains Coconut Oil and LYCON’s latest and unique Titanium Dioxide technology and Micro Mica for the most professional waxing result with no skin drag and no sticky residue Click Here.

JMB Esthetics  – Azulene Film Wax From Harley

It’s like 2 waxes in one! A hybrid wax that provides all the comforts and easy application of a traditional hard wax coupled with the thin “spread-ability” of a strip wax.  This technologically advanced wax is fantastic for all intimate waxing from facial waxing to Brazilians, making it a must have for any professional salon or spa   Click Here.

There you have it, 5 totally different types of wax.  Hard wax, soft wax, a hybrid wax, wine wax and the all new instant wax! We had a blast on the wax scavenger hunt through the IECSC last weekend! We hope you enjoyed learning about them too!   If you loved everything in this Week’s POP 5, be sure to read all of our other Weekly POP 5 posts.  

Thanks to JMB Esthetics, Alexander Aesthetics II, Berodin, Nufree and Starpil for sponsoring this article.

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