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Which Food Do Estheticians Love For Clear Skin, Chocolate or Celery Juice?

5 Foods Estheticians Love For Clear Skin – Chocolate To Celery Juice!  

Want food for clear skin? We made a post to our Instagram account and asked the estheticians in our community to give us 5 foods for clear skin that they love and eat regularly.

Let’s face it, if you want clear skin, you have to do what the professionals do!  Skin care professionals know how to take care of their skin, they use the best products, they get the best treatments AND they eat the best foods for clear skin.

We love the range of suggestions from Chocolate To Celery Juice!  

We Asked “What Are Your Favorite 5 Foods For Clear Skin”

Here’s what they had to say on a Lipgloss + Aftershave Instagram post. So many skin care professionals gave us their opinion on what foods they love for foods for clear skin.  

Shawna Rocha’s 5 Fav Foods for Clear Skin

Shawna owns Awaken Day Spa with 2 locations

in California and Washington.

She loves





Leafy Greens

foods for clear skin

Richard Merrill’s 5 Fav Foods for Clear Skin

Richard owns Richard Merrill Consulting

He loves

Sweet Potatoes





Leigh Justine Wick’s 5 Fav Foods for Clear Skin

Leigh owns Vanity Skin and Makeup

She loves

Black Tea

Lemon & Lavender infused Water


Sweet Potatoes


Need Ideas For Summer Snacks From A Pro?

5 Healthy Summer Snacks for Great Skin

Avocado toast isn’t just a popular summer brunch item to enjoy with your mimosa!  It’s an incredibly healthy snack that’s great for your skin!

Summer is the time of year when we spend a lot of time outside, enjoying outdoor activities and barbecues with friends.

With all that time spent in the sun, it’s not just important to protect your skin on the outside with sunscreen and protective clothing. We also need to protect it from sun damage and premature aging from the inside out with antioxidant-rich fresh foods. This helps us make our skin less susceptible to damage from environmental stressors like UV rays or cold air conditioning. Luckily, nature gives us an abundant variety of fresh, beauty-nutritious foods that make easy and delicious summer snacks!

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Rachael Pontillo

Guest Blogger , Lipgloss + Aftershave

Danielle Gonzalez’s 5 Fav Foods for Clear Skin

Danielle owns SkinTonix

She loves

Lemon Water

 Celery Juice

Leafy Greens



Ginger Grigs’s 5 Fav Foods for Clear Skin

Ginger owns Ginger Skin Studio

She’s All about the berries and veggies!






……..so many good ones


Talk To Your Doctor First

Learning about nutrition for healthy skin is a very positive action step to take.  However, before making any changes to your diet or adding supplements to your regimen, you should always consult your physician. If you want to incorporate nutritional recommendations in your practice, be sure you understand the laws within your state regarding licensure and scope of practice.

Looking For Seasonal Skin Care Suggestions?

Yes, nutrition for healthy skin begins with what you eat, be sure to give your skin the best skin care products it needs on a seasonal basis.  The Lipgloss + Aftershave Seasonal Skin Care Guides are a great place to get a recap of every seasons must haves!

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