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5 Facial Scrubs For Almost Every Skin Situation

5 Facial Scrubs For Almost Every Skin Situation

Facials scrubs are delicious – and yes – that is my professional opinion.  I think everyone should have a yummy facial scrub in their home care. No matter what the skin situation – a mechanical facial scrub is good to remove dead skin cells, remove dirt and debris and just get the gunk off!  Dry skin needs dead skin removed, oily skin needs to keep the pores clear, combination, acne, every skin situation can benefit from a facial scrub.

Looking for different ways to professional exfoliate your client’s skin in your treatment room, take a look at our L+A Fall Resurfacing Skin Care Guide.  Like your peels with a little manual exfoliation or some LED? Check out our Tech Toolbox for some incredible technology to add to your peel services.

The Top 5 Facial Scrubs

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The Top 5 Facial Scrubs For Virtually Any Skin Situaiton

#1 Sensitive Skin - Circadia

Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser 

If you know – you know!  If you’ve not tried it – you don’t know.  You need to know!  Great for sensitive skin – amazing for everyone!

The patented microbeads of natural beeswax in the Micro-Exfoliating Honey Cleanser gently cleanse and exfoliate, while absorbing excess oil. Leaves all skin types feeling fresh and revitalized.

#2 Combination - Universal Companies

Glycolic Polish by Exuviance Professional

Achieve Deeper Exfoliation with This AHA Blend

Revitalize and cleanse skin with Exuviance Professional® Glycolic Polish. This potent blend features 10% glycolic acid and 2% bionic acid, plus professional grade alumina crystals for deeper exfoliation

#3 Dry / Mature - KM Herbals

Illuminating Facial Polish

Soothing extracts of Hops and Lavender paired with the gentle granules of Bamboo stem make this lightweight exfoliating crème a wonderful rejuvenating skin treatment for dull, congested, and even sensitive skin. Based in Golden Jojoba Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, and Seaweed extract, this formula immediately replenishes freshly exfoliated skin, protecting it from dryness and improving texture. Additionally, Sea Buckthorn and Lemon help to clarify and brighten, balancing skin tone and improving the look of discoloration and scarring.

#4 Normal / Dry - Sesha

Bio-Scrub Exfoliating Cleanser

This deep-pore, non-abrasive scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities with micro-spherical beads in a cleanser formulated with skin smoothing botanical extracts and vitamins. As the cleanser is massaged into skin, beads dissolve and release conditioners to further soften skin, leaving you with a refined, luminous glow.

#5 Acneic / Oily - dmSkincare

Botana-Gel Cleanser

Deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate skin utilizing natural bamboo crystals and glycolic/salicylic acids. This clarifying cleanser removes dead skin, absorbs oil, and brightens. Phytomoist™ and aloe help restore natural water balance and contribute antioxidant protection, which is critical, in the most oily skin types. This unique blend of ingredients will help improve texture and tone, leaving the skin looking revitalized and glowing.


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