4 Advanced Brightening Modalities Nano-Needling, Bleaching, Manual + Chemical Exfoliation

4 Advanced Brightening Modalities

Treating hyperpigmentation can be difficult. There are so many variables to consider when creating a treatment and homecare plan for clients.

Identifying the cause of the hyperpigmentation, and then examining your client’s specific needs are the two most important factors. Then there is the location of the hyperpigmentation because it can be on the face AND body (underarms, intimate area, knees and elbows)!

If clients have specific issue with skin sensitivity the type of treatment will vary also.

We’ve created a pane of experts to join us to help educate on 5 Very important topics.

Tinted Nano-Needling

Lincoln Lee from Dermaesthetics will be on hand to talk about a fabulous tinted nano-needling treatment that his company has created to help even out skin tone.

Intimate Bleaching

Becca Hislop from Bryght will be on hand to talk about Intimate Bleaching for all parts of the body. 

Manual + Chemical Exfoliation Seminar 

Elizabeth Camacho, DermaJEM Director of Sales and Education, Christopher Kuever, M.A.Ds Global Educator, and Shawna Rocha, Hale & Hush Director of Education, will be on hand to present a full 30 minute mini-course on combining forms of wet and dry manual exfoliation with varying strength chemical peels and enzymes for all skin types including sensitive.  

This is a 90 minute webisode! 

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