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5 Of The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatments

We have 5 of the Best Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

Expert Advice: For The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatments

Want the best hyperpigmentation treatments?  Ask An Expert! So we did just that.  We reached out to Trin Yokoyama, who is an award winning esthetician for treating hyperpigmentation.  She’s also an educator for several national medical skin care brands.  She is a spa owner and she has corrected her own serious case of melasma!

 So have a seat while she drops some knowledge!  

Trin's Tips

For The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatments.

Trin gave us 4 expert tips that she considerst the best hyperpigmentation treatments in this month’s Advice From Our Experts!  We’re going to focus on 2 of them in this Week’s POP!  

– Use Vitamin C

– Use Chemical Peels

Why Antioxidants Are a Best Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Vitamin C has many beneficial effects for treating hyperpigmentation, photo damage and stabilizing collagen by increasing collagen protein synthesis for repair of damaged skin. It can aide in brightening the skin and overall help with inflammation and aging in the skin.  Read more of Trin’s article.

How Chemical Peels Work as a Best Hyperpigmentation Treatment

First, we must learn how to treat with chemical peels.  I’ve used the Jessner’s peel on some clients. I have also found much success with layering different acids.  Lactic acids, multi-fruit acids, glycolic and mandelic acids are great. If you work with a professional skin care line, ask them which of their peels will work best to treat hyperpigmentation.  Read more of Trin’s article.

With Trin’s recommendations in mind, we reached out to our skin care guru’s in the professional skin care industry and asked them for their best hyperpigmentation treatments.  It’s a tough skin condition to treat.  We also realize that there are many estheticans and spa owners that don’t want all chemical options, so we found some of the best natural and even organic skin care that are best hyperpigmenation treatments.  

This Week’s POP!

5 Of The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatments

#1 Black Currant C Serum – Nature Pure Skincare

Voted Best Vitamin C Serum! Infused with Certified Organic Botanicals. An ultra potent serum composed of densely concentrated Vitamin C globules spread throughout the professional strength complex enhanced with Organic Black Currant, Pomegranate, and Vitamin E. Infused with Resveratrol Extract derived from the skin of Grapes and Berries.

#2 UV Remedy Peel – MedSpa Distributors

This is a 3 part peel that can take up to 14 days to complete.  Steps 1 and 2 are performed in treatment and Step 3 is a 10 day home care product that continues the impact of the brightening peel!  Barry had this peel and wrote a recap on this best hyperpigmentation treatment.

#3 Organic Lemon Lightening Serum – Dawn Lorraine Skincare 

This new and improved serum is VEGAN + GLUTEN, DAIRY, SOY & NUT OIL FREE This product, will over time reduce sun damaged as well as some acne scarring. The smell is incredible and it feels like silk on the skin. It’s a lovely lightweight lightening serum for sun damaged, pigmented, acne, oily skin types.

#4 Bio-Derm Oxy Mask – Institut’ DERMed Skincare

Retinyl Palmitate to encourge new skin cells and an AHA/BHA blend provides a superior deep pore oxygen boost.  

#5 Eye Peptide Gel Mask – Société Skincare

Don’t let the word peptide distract you, these eye pads are all about brightening!  They provide a visible antioxidant and brightening effect around the eye.  These are part of the 6 Essentials For Firm Skin article that we wrote!  

5 Of The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatments Out There!

You can stop looking!  We’ve just given you truly exceptional products that you can use to brighten!  From in treatment chemical peels to some truly unique home care. You have organic options for client who demand clean ingredients.  You have scientifically advanced eye gel masks that eliminate under eye dark circles.  You even have an all new oxygen treatment that will encourage the growth of new skin cells to help bring fresh new skin to the surface after the UV Remedy Peel helps to remove all of the UV damage.  

Thanks to Nature Pure, Dawn Lorraine Skincare, Institut’ DERMed, MedSpa Distributors and Société for sponsoring this article.  

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