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5 Powerful At-Home Chemical Peels Pros Recommend

5 Powerful At-Home Chemical Peels Pros Recommend

At-home chemical peels?  What are you crazy?  No!  We’re not crazy!  It’s not true to say that chemical peels should be done in the safety of a professional skin care treatment room or a doctor’s office!  It all depends on what kind of chemical peel and the strength of the chemical peel.

Deep breath – this is not a lesson on pH or buffered vs non-buffered or percentage strengths.  If you want to learn about all of that sign, up for one of our many educational webisodes of L+A Now With Barry + Jenni.  We are your go-to platform for free education!

Ok, back to at-home chemical peels. When treating some clients, it may be beneficial for them to have some form of at-home chemical peel in between your services to help them achieve their skin care goals.  Need to reduce fine lines?  Need to increase exfoliation to remove dark spots?  Need to increase exfoliation to keep pores clean and clear?  If any of these sound familiar, and you don’t think a regular exfoliating scrub or a chemical exfoliating cleanser will be enough – then we have a great list of at-home chemical peels that you can recommend.

If you’re looking for some powerful methods for resurfacing in your treatment room to treat clients, take a look at our L+A Fall Resurfacing Skin Care Guide.  Like your peels with a little manual exfoliation or some LED? Check out our Tech Toolbox for some incredible technology to add to your peel services.

The Top 5 Powerful

At-Home Chemical Peels

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The Top 5 At-Home Chemical Peels That Pros Recommend

#1 Cherry Pepper Peel by Sorella Apothecary

“The name of this peel makes me want to use it!  The directions say to use this for between 1 – 10 minutes.  I wanted to see what it would be like for the minimum amount of time on my first go, so I left it on for a minute as I massaged it into my skin.  Skin felt smooth after.  The 2nd time I used it, I used facial scrub and then added in the Cherry Pepper Peel for 10 minutes.  After the peel my skin felt energized. There wasn’t any stinging or heat while using the peel, but afterwards, I had the sensation that I had a peel.  My skin felt amazing after, the honey in this makes it so lovely on the skin! Make sure you tell clients to anticipate an invigorated feeling after.  I love that feeling!” Barry

Get your glow back with the Cherry Pepper Peel, this active herbal exfoliant that’s loaded with hydrating ingredients to balance the skin while providing a deep yet gentle pore cleanse. This peel smooths and re-texturizes with capsaicin, vitamin C and honey.

#2 Rapidex by Repêchage

“This is a daily dose of Glycolic Acid from Strawberries, Kiwi & Grapes that you apply for 14 days in a row to get gentle and steady exfoliation.  I used this and had zero irritation and got a “re-fresh” that looked great.”  Barry

Since 1996, Rapidex® is a safe and effective uni–dose program based on phyto-marine extracts and natural fruit acids that will gently exfoliate the skin, helping the skin to appear more even in tone and texture, feel softer and smoother. Lydia created Rapidex® Marine Exfoliator to provide a controlled application process because she observed that clients were over-exfoliating their skin, whether with microdermabrasion, chemical and acid peels or laser resurfacing procedures. Rapidex®, an international skin care sensation, is the first of its kind. Our unique uni–dose packaging stays fresh, provides a large, pre-saturated cotton swab soaked in our exclusive formula.

#3 Advanced Alpha Hydroxy Gel Peel

 The Advanced Alpha Hydroxy Gel Mask, is an organi-clincal at-home chemical peel, but don’t be fooled!  Want to ramp up the octane?  Us the KM Herbals Illuminating Facial Polish first, then apply this mask, you will see how organi-clinical can give your skin a bit of a Sting/Tingle!  Let it on for 15 minutes and remove with tepid water.  I did this and my skin felt like silk!  This is an amazing option for breaking down those dead skin cells.

Skip the scrubbing and exfoliate with natural plant acids and enzymes! Skin that is delicate, mature, or prone to irritation can be easily damaged by manual exfoliation, and AHA’s do the job without rubbing or pulling at sensitive areas. This method doesn’t require abrasive cloths, tools, or particles – AHA’s work while you relax. Our ingredients are extracted from botanicals naturally high in Alpha Hydroxy Acids like Bilberry, Orange, and Lemon, and paired with exfoliating enzymes of Pineapple and Papaya. The formula is brought to a pH of 3.0, giving it higher acidity and efficacy while still being mild enough for regular use.

#4 Micro Peel by DMK International

Micro Peel offers a quick and non-irritating method of removing dead cells and debris to improve the appearance of dull, coarse, or wrinkled skin. Micro Peel is a gentle exfoliant to eliminate dead cell material ideal for acne and congested skin. This is the perfect at home “preparing the canvas” treatment before applying DMK Cosmetics.

#5 Polish + Plump Face Peel by HydroPeptide

“Jenni and I are both obsessed with the Polish + Plump Face Peel!  It’s one of the first products we tried from HydroPeptide and we fell in love from the start.  Step 1 – Scrub-A-Dub-Dub with the polish. Step 2 –  Add in the Activator Serum for a chemical peel and infusion!  Truly yummy for the skin!” Barry

Smooth, plump and pamper like a spa professional with this easy, yet highly effective, 2-step system. First the spa-mazing Vitamin C Polishing Crystals act like a gentle microdermabrasion and polish away the appearance of lines and wrinkles while instantly illuminating the skin. Then, the spa-tacular Activator Serum continues the transformation by infusing the skin with plumping peptides, leaving your skin youthfully firm and silky smooth.

Peel 1: This product is vegan and cruelty free and does not contain any gluten, parabens, phthalates, soy, or sulfates.

Peel 2: This product is vegan and cruelty free and does not contain any parabens, phthalates, soy, or sulfates.


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