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4 Ways California Skincare Supply Will Improve Your Business

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Ok, it’s January and it’s time to review 2018 and plan for 2019.  Many successful businesses take stock to see where they can improve and grow in the coming year.  It’s vital that spas and even solo estheticians look for different ways to improve and grow. It’s important to see what’s working and what’s not and then adapt and change.  

Are you in California?

Are you located anywhere on the West Of The Mississippi?  

Are you a day spa, medical spa or solo esthetician?

If you’re answering yes then you’re so lucky!

You’ve got an amazing opportunity to improve your business in 4 different ways with one simple business decision.  

You can partner with California Skincare Supply!

OMG, everyone on the East Coast!  You should be so totally jealous of everyone on the West Coast of the Mississippi right right now!  They get to work with Kelli and Jullea – the dynamic mother/daughter duo of California Skincare Supply.  They are 2nd and 3rd generation owners of this female, family owned, small business. #girlpower #smallbizbabes  

I’ve known Kelli and Jullea for about 5 years and have worked with California Skincare Supply in many different ways. I’ve gotten to know the business and these two women really well and can tell you, I’ve come up with 4 ways that you can improve your business by partnering with them!  

Listen to my Skin.Body.Soul Podcast with Kelli! 

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Wait, what? You’ve never heard of California Skincare Supply?  

Oh honey….let me tell you a story!

California Skincare Supply (CSS) is a distribution company based in Northern California, just south of San Francisco in Scotts Valley.  

CSS is highly focused on advanced, clinical skincare, they distribute:

M.A.D Skincare



2B Bio




But wait… it gets better, they are the ultimate one stop shop for skincare, because they also offer an assortment of organic brands such as:



Hip & Chick Organiks

You will also have access to some truly unique, international brands because CSS is an international importer of luxury skincare and bodycare France Laure and Aqua Laure!

You can also get your wax game going too!  CSS distributes Epillyss Wax, Cirepil and Se-Brazil Wax. They train on the Se-Brazil 7 minute Brazilian wax. Look for training classes in February of 2019.  

4 Ways California Skincare Supply Will Improve Your Business

1. Improve Your Time Management

It’s a one stop shop!  You can order all of your skincare, body care,  gift items and waxing supplies from one vendor. It makes ordering a breeze, and it makes managing all of the shipping and billing paperwork a dream come true!


2. Improve Your Profitability

You can centralize ordering to one vendor.  This will dramatically reduce your shipping costs.  It will also eliminate the need to meet minimum orders with multiple vendors.  

You can also offer an assortment of truly unique and skin type specific treatments without having to stock an entire back bar product line. 

This will free up inventory dollars to be able to pay other routine expenses.


3. Improve Your Education

Imagine being able to make a single call and ask for help on 3 different skincare brands.  That dream comes true at CSS!  You can ask questions about the amazing Acne line from M.A.D Skincare; find out more about the incredible Professional Masks offered by Circadia; and find out why the 2B Bio Peel is so effective – all in a single call to CSS.  

You can also get to know the product lines that they carry by using their phenomenal CSS Online Learning Center.  This is free and is a self directed education portal for anyone with a CSS account.

Fun Fact: Kelli monitors the California Skincare Supply’s Instagram and loves to personally answer product related questions.  Just send a message – she’ll get back to you! Now that’s dedication to customer service and education.  They also have an amazing Q+A set up on Facebook Messenger – you can get started here!

4. Improve Your Karma

Hey, CSS is based in Northern California. They totally believe in Karma! You’ll get a few extra good karma points when you work with CSS.  Not only is Kelli Anderson one of the most respected women in the professional skincare industry, she and her daughter are legit two of the kindest and most generous women you’ll ever work with!  

CSS goes into the community and volunteers on a regular basis!  Recently, they went out and provided facials and offered goodie bags to a local women’s shelter!  

So feel good knowing that these women that you’re supporting are going out and lifting up other women in need!  

Over the years, I’ve watched as Kelli and Jullea have gone out into the field and worked with their customers.  Doing site visits to help train and educate, they take pride in making sure that everyone who works with them is able to grow and prosper.  Everyone of their clients will benefit from their decades of experience. Kelli and Jullea aren’t just someone you buy from, they’re women you can count on for guidance, direction and advice on how to grow.

After one conversation with either of these dynamic women, you’ll see how California Skincare Supply is

The Estheticians’ Edge!

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