3 Tips to Improve Retail Sales From Lydia Sarfati Repêchage

3 Tips to Improve Retail Sales From Lydia Sarfati Repêchage

Want to learn how to improve retail sales form a legend? Want an inside view of the Repêchage 2019 Power Lunch? We’ve got you covered!

It was a fun, snowy morning at the Repêchage headquarters in Secaucus, NJ.  The event was organzied to gather accounts, estheticians, and female entrepreneurs in Skincare, Spa, and Wellness to network.

The friendly and welcoming staff at Repêchage provided a warm welcome into their festive offices!  Decked for the holidays, they were in the spirit!

Repêchage 2019 Power Lunch Agenda

Repêchage 2019 Power LunchAfter saying hello to Lydia, David and Shiri Sarfati, I headed back to settle in for the opening presentation.  They had a gorgeous room set up decked in gold and white (ode to the Vita Cura Collection?? I think so!!).

Improve Retail Sales – Presentation By Lydia Sarfati

Lydia opened the day with a fantastic presentation on how to improve retail saleas that was packed with tidbits of information that has helped her wildly successful brand flourish over the past 39 years.  Our 3 key takeaways included:

The Art of Recommendation: stop referring to retailing as ‘sales’

How many estheticians do you know (maybe it’s YOU?) that say, “I hate selling.  I’m not a salesperson.”  You’ve got to retrain your brain! If you want to watch your business skyrocket, retail is key! Every client should be leaving with retail products to extend the life of their treatment.

Change your thinking to “The Art of Recommendation”!  This will help improve retail sales! Your clients trust you and look to you for advice.  If you aren’t the one telling them what to use, Amazon will do the job for you. If you want some great products for winter to recommend to your clients to help improve retail sales check out our Winter Skin Care Guide.

The Luxury Is In The Details

Lydia stressed how important it is to pay attention to details, as this is what will set you apart. Presentation Counts! From the front desk staff to the cleanliness of the bathrooms…pay attention to the details.  A clients first impression should make them feel welcome, valued, and excited to be there.

Continuing Education Is Vital

We are in a constantly evolving industry, one that requires additional education at every opportunity.  Working with brands like Repêchage makes it easy! They hold classes, events, webinars and have written materials that any account can access!

Guest Panel

This interactive disucssion included 5 successful female entrepreneurs:

Kristina Rodulfo – Beauty Director of Women’s Health Magazine

Faviola Carr – Owner MassageLuXe

Tanja Catoe – VP & Salon Coordinator for Salon Inga’ Brands, Co-Owner of Crown & Mane Bespoke Blowouts

Lisa Dominguez – CEO and Founder Spa O On the Go

When asked about their journey and the risks involved in being an entrepreneur, my favorite response was from Lisa:

Leap, knowing what defines your success.

Lisa Dominguez

CEO + Founder, Spa O On the Go

Behind The Scenes Tour!

As we broke for lunch, Shiri and David stopped me in the hall to ask if I’d like to join Krisitna Rodulfo, Beauty Director of Women’s Health Magazine, on a tour of the facility.  I jumped at the chance…going #bts is what I live for!

We took a tour of the offices, including David’s lavish corner office that includes a full size world map, pinpointing where Repêchage is distributed.  We got a peek inside the lab where the magic happens! They were busy working on concealer sticks that day…something very cool to watch.

It was remarkably spotless, and so cool to see what goes into the R&D behind the brand.  Next, we headed down to the warehouse and manufacturing…it was like entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

I can’t thank the Repêchage team enough for inviting me to attend the 2019 Power Lunch!  We love getting to know brands inside and out, and this was an opportunity we wouldn’t miss! The amount of heart and soul that is put into every detail of this business is remarkable, and speaks volumes about their success.

Check out more images from the Repêchage 2019 Power Lunch Event!