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3 Tips To Financial Success For Estheticians

Find Success with VISIA® Skin Analysis by Canfield Scientific

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo esthetician, an esthetician in a day spa, an esthetician in a medical spa, an esthetician in a hair salon, or an esthetician in a resort spa. When it comes to being financially successful, like, Louis Vuitton handbag, type of financial success, you can only get there by selling retail products and having repeat appointments.


Stop! Don’t argue, because you know that’s a true statement – EVERY spa consultant on the planet says it. It’s true. 


Selling is Easy When You Use the 3 C’s

Take a deep breath! Don’t put your guard up and freak out! We’ve got you! It’s easy to find financial success through selling. Here’s 3 easy tips to help you remember the process, it’s…

The 3 C’s! Consultation. Communication. Close.


…..the action or process of formally consulting or discussing.

In order to get to know your client you need to do a consultation. Get to know their skin, what they like and dislike about their skin, their lifestyle, and help them establish a skincare goal. In 20 years of working in the day spa industry, I’ve never seen anything more effective in creating a WOW factor during a consultation that a skin scan with a VISIA® Skin Analysis!

Seriously, this device is a game changer! Sales will skyrocket when you commit to ensuring every client receives a VISIA Skin Analysis! It’s ridiculous how cool this machine is!

Here’s How VISIA Helps Your Consultation

Essentially VISIA is the “bad guy”! You are no longer the bearer of “the bad news”. Its not you telling a client that their skin is damaged and in need of repair. It’s the VISIA! It’s VISIA’s crystal clear photography and state of the art, 8-point analysis that is the bearer of bad news. You transform into a super hero, the esthetician who can save the day, by offering solutions to the issues that are presented!

Amazing Client Photography

VISIA begins with an incredibly high-resolution photograph of the skin that grabs the client’s attention. Hello standardized photos for Before & After shots! No more stressing to the same angle and correct lighting!

8 Point Analysis & Comparison Database

You are shown an 8-point analysis of your client’s skin. You have visual proof of their spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV Spots, Brown Spots, Red Ares and Porphyrins, then VISIA uses it’s powerful “comparison” database to show your client how they are doing compared to thousands of others


TruSkin Age®

VISIA will determine the overall skin condition and skin age, providing a revolutionary new metric. It basically is able to tell your client how old their skin is based on its condition. This can help you with clients who haven’t taken care of their skin in the past.

Advanced Aging Simulation

New with VISIA’S 8.2 Software. Simulate how clients might appear as they age – up to 80 years old! This was hard to look at, but a great tool to show your clients how your treatments can help them!

Advanced Aging  Modules

Check out this video on Canfield Scientific’s Instagram

Fillers + Lashes

VISIA even offers a simulator to show what your client would look like with injectables if you offer those services. It will also do an eyelash measurement, which you can show clients if you want to talk to them about lash extension services.



….the imparting or exchanging of information or news

Now that you have a thorough skin analysis, it’s time to explain what’s on the screen to your client. Explain to the client each of the 8 points analyzed to help them understand the current state of their skin! This is your opportunity to discuss what treatment you’re going to perform today.

Picking The Perfect Treatment

VISIA allows you to upload your entire treatment menu into its database. You can use this module when talking to clients about their treatment plan. Show them what treatment you are recommending initially and then even add on additional treatment suggestions for future appointments.

Explaining Products During Treatment

Home care is where skin is changed, the treatment room is where skin is super charged! If you want to help your clients change their skin, make sure you explain how each product you’re using during a treatment will change one of the 8 point analysis images.


Let clients know how an antioxidant you’re using in treatment will impact dark spots and wrinkles.  Clients have seen the damage  in VISIA – now use this time during the treatment to explain the corrective options.




….bring or come to an end.

The time frame after the treatment is over while your client is waiting to check out is sales crunch time! This is the time frame when you pull everything together. Explain to the client the current situation with their skin as seen in VISIA, then explain how today’s treatment impacted the skin, and how future services will improve the skin and help them to reach their skincare goals.

Then present how a solid home care program of products will improve skin. Go through the products that you mentioned during the treatment and explain how each one will improve what they saw in the 8-point analysis. Encourage them to re-book with you in your recommended time frame so you can get the best impact on the skin based on their goals.

Showcase Before & Afters

When you have clients on great home care products that get regular treatments, they will see amazing results. Be sure to do a VISIA scan on every client on every visit. You can then show them their progress as they progress through the treatment plan. These images provide undeniable proof of the positive impact that you’ve had on their skin.

Use VISIA As A Marketing Tool

Offering VISIA Skin Analysis is an amazing benefit. Your current clients will love it, but you can also use a free VISIA Skin Analysis as a great marketing tool. Promote that you use VISIA in your advertising to help grow your business.

 If you want more information on VISIA and how it can help you grow your business, complete the form below!

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